From sam, Age 16 - 10/22/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hi i am 245 pounds and i am begging to notice red lines on my stomach and i think they r streach marks. what exactly r streach marks?? can i get rid of them?? will i get more?? and most impottantly dose anyone else have them?? pleazz respond
Reply from Maggie, Age 13 - 11/02/01  - IP#:
Stretch marks can be annoying. :) They fade over time but they most likely won't dissapear altogether...but don't worry about the stretch marks, just enjoy life and be happy!
Reply from Jenn, Age 19 - 10/30/01  - IP#:
Yes, strechmarks are a sad thing, and no they usually don't go away, for me anyway. When I was a preteen, I was very overweight, and I had developed strechmarks on my abdoman and though I've thinned out since, they still remind me of those days. And what's the worse thing about it, when ever people see it, especially my boyfriends, they all think I've been pregnate and refuse to go with me! Always stay true to yourself and never put up with stupid guys.
Reply from Charlotte, Age 13 - 10/24/01  - IP#:
Hi. No you don't HAVE to be overweight to have stretch marks.. Sometimes when you are develloping(in puberty) many girls(especially) get stretch marks on their breasts, thighs, but, and hips. Because when you are a kid you have a straight narrow body but when you go through puberty your hips and thighs widen and your breasts get bigger and sometimes it happens to fast and your skin doesn't have enough time to be able to gradually stretch so if you had quik changes in your weight than you might get stretch marks. They will turn skin color faster if you apply pure
vitamin E oil everyday before going to bed though. Good luck! You can write to me if you like:
Reply from allisa, Age 12 - 10/23/01  - IP#:
ya people get them if they gain alot then get thin again. sorry to say they don't go away. it is like when u have a baby the girl gets streatch marks cuzz there belly is gettin really big and they never go away even after they have the kid. and ya there r people that do
Reply from Luisa, Age 13 - 10/23/01  - IP#:
Hey i have stretch marks its if your skin breaks if u gain or lose weight i have them on my but though i don't know if u'll get more k bye