From Sheila, Age 15 - 08/02/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
HI everyone! Ive been trying to loose weight but its been very hard! My friend lost 20 pounds i one month and i was amazed! i asked how did she do it? she told me by binging or purging it was one of those words! Im 5'4 amd i weight 188! i would like to way 168 by the end of august or in the beginning of aughusr! can you please help me! Also if you had tried binging or purging i would like to hear form you! thank you!
Reply from Karla, Age 14 - 08/01/02  - IP#:
I'm 14 I weight 177 I used to weight 186! what I
did was decide to get slim no matter what so
I started exercising with yoga,weights,and
walking everyday for 30 mins I lost 9 lbs in
Two Weeks!!
Reply from Janet, Age 16 - 08/03/01 
I replied to another girl who was considering purging.
It's not cool, you shouldn't mess with it. And I suggest you tell your friend to get help too before she dies. My cousin has brain damage from purging, she has lost a lot of her back teeth, and has already had a heart attack. Only 23 years old too. We were really close but now she barely understands me. You can lose ten pounds in one month by doing the right things. It will make you feel really good about yourslef. Just be patient. Binging and purging is a really really stupid thing to do. There are a lot more side affects then I told you about. Go to some web sites and read up on it before you decide you want to slowly kill yourself.
Reply from Crystal, Age 16 - 08/03/01 
Hey, I was Bulimic for a while. And it was horrible. I was always depressed. And it doesn't work all that great. And the stomach acid is horrible. And your mouth just gets all rotten. And then after a while you cant stop, like everytime you eat, you just feel like your gonna puke, so you have to go gag yourself. And what happened to me was I had problems with my ribs. It was the worst thing I went through, sometimes I couldn't move, I just had to stand there, and I'd start crying cause there would be nothing anyone can do. I really didn't lose any weight doing it either, cause I couldn't lose all the food I would take in. It's really hard to do, and it's hurts. It's not worth it at all to eat all you want, then having to go through the pain of puking it up. I really dont suggest you do this. There are so many easier ways, like I'm doing right now, I just eat like an apple a day, and I still drink pop though. And I'm losing like 5 pounds a week. Anyway good luck to you though.
Reply from Marina, Age 13 - 08/02/01 
purging is an eating disorder also known as Bulimia.....When you throw up your food which is the worst way to lose weight. It CAN kill you. Its also really bad for your throat. Once you get mixed up in it you can't get out and one day you WILL recover from bulimia (unless you die from it) and you WILL gain all that (and maybe even more) back! Bulimia is an addiction. Binging (i think) is when you eat like crazy. and Binging & purging is when you eat a lot & just throw it all up! I suggest you leave that way alone and do it the healthy way!