From Nicole, Age 16 - 07/31/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I have a small problem that I need some advice on. I'm 5'9" and 142 pounds, which I know is not overweight. I can never wear a two-piece bathing suit though, because my stomach has always been a problem. Every part of my body is thin except my stomach, and it's really aggravating; below my navel there's just like this sudden bulge of fat. Everyday I run @ least a mile, play tennis for an average of 90 minutes, weight lift, and do a series of various stomach crunches. I did just start with the running though, which has been very exhausting. From my excercise, the only thing I can conclude is that I have a large stomach because of my diet. My typical daily eating involves a bowl of cereal (ex. Special K) for breakfast, a turkey sandwhich and an apple for lunch, yogurt or jello for snack, and than a small, healthy dinner. I never eat @ night. WHAT ELSE COULD I DO, OR HOW COULD I EAT DIFFERENTLY, TO MINIMIZE THE FAT ON MY LOWER-STOMACH? I know I'm not just overreacting or imagining this, so please reply; this is so important to me.
Reply from candy, Age 13 - 08/03/01 
that is our womb. mine is the same prob. u wanna wear a two piece right? just suck it in,
Reply from Jennifer, Age 17 - 08/02/01 
What i think would probably help you is some Tummy Toning Exercises. For example crunches. I know that was the 1st thing that helped me. I could notice in my tummy/abs area that i was losing. Because of these exercises! Good Luck!
Reply from Sarah, Age 14 - 08/01/01 
Hey. I have the exact same problem. I just lost almost 30 pounds and so now im small everywhere except that little bulde your talking about. If you find out anything else about how to take it away, let me know. My email is
Reply from erin, Age 13 - 08/01/01 
some people store fat in different areas. and yours is probably your stomach. your diet sounds perfect and you
are exercising may not be healthy...give it a rest...getting a flat stomach takes time...if you work on it all school year by next summer you'll have a six pack!good luck!:)
Reply from Mandi, Age 13 - 08/01/01 
hey, well I wanted a flat stomach really badly. For the past month, I have been doing lower ab crunches. 100 every night. right before you go to bed. you lie on your back put youre hand next to your hips and raise your legs, do 100 of these. I have been doing this everynight for a month and I got lower abs and a flatter stomach. plus I am on a very strict diet. if you want more info or any help, email me