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From Nicole, Age 16

I have a small problem that I need some advice on. I'm 5'9" and 142 pounds, which I know is not overweight. I can never wear a two-piece bathing suit though, because my stomach has always been a problem. Every part of my body is thin except my stomach, and it's really aggravating; below my navel there's just like this sudden bulge of fat. Everyday I run @ least a mile, play tennis for an average of 90 minutes, weight lift, and do a series of various stomach crunches. I did just start with the running though, which has been very exhausting. From my excercise, the only thing I can conclude is that I have a large stomach because of my diet. My typical daily eating involves a bowl of cereal (ex. Special K) for breakfast, a turkey sandwhich and an apple for lunch, yogurt or jello for snack, and than a small, healthy dinner. I never eat @ night. WHAT ELSE COULD I DO, OR HOW COULD I EAT DIFFERENTLY, TO MINIMIZE THE FAT ON MY LOWER-STOMACH? I know I'm not just overreacting or imagining this, so please reply; this is so important to me.