From Charlotte, Age 14 - 02/26/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi! im 5'4, weigh 138 and want to lose about 10-15 pounds. im not that fat and people think im pretty but i want to lose a bit of weight before summer and look good in a bathing suit. What would be a good diet and how much should i expect to lose in a month. If the weight loss is to slow ill give up. PLEASE HELP!!!P.S.: I'd like to have a e-pal to share tips with and give each other support and encouragement!
Reply from Morgan, Age 14 - 02/28/01 
hey i am the same age as you and i have the same problem... so i would like to be your e-pal!
Reply from Annie, Age 12 - 02/27/01 
I had a similar amount of weight to lose as you and I wanted to lose it fast! I also feel fat in a bathing suit. Well, I have lost about 14 pounds in 10 weeks. How did I do it? With my mum I kept a count of the amount of calories and fat I was eating and then kept to below a certain amount. We had to write everything down which got boring but we soon got used to it and it really helped. We looked at a website called to get an idea of how many calories I should be eating and we looked up lists on the Internet of how many calories different foods were. I drank lots more water, exercised a bit more and cut a lot of the rubbish food out of my diet. I now fill myself up on fruit and veg so I don't get hungry. I can still eat things like pizza and pasta and cakes but low calorie ones so I don't feel like I am missing out on too much. One word of warning because you said about losing weight fast. When I started the diet I was very unhappy and just wanted to lose the weight very quickly, like you do. My mum explained that in all the diets she has ever been on, if you lose weight fast then it usually goes back on again fast. It is must better to educate your body slowly to eat better. I got a bit upset when one week I hadn't lost anything when I had been really good but the following week I lost two pounds. You say you want to be slimmer for the summer. You have plenty of time to lose the weight you want to.