From Becca, Age 15 - 01/16/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I am so depressed. my life is hell. When i look in the mirror and see my 250 lb flubber i want to die. my friends have all gone on diets and look as gorgeous as geri halliwell but i am still as obese as a whale.when i ask them about this they say they'd much rather have my generous boobs but i'd much rather have a bum that fits into oridnay size 6 jeans. Whe I went to this slumber party with all the cool girls my nightshirt burst open and my huge stomach flopped out like a bowl of jello- now they look at me as if i'm a freak. i feel out of place and I diet all the time but i binge like crazy. i am considering anorexia- it seems like the only way out- and yet i know it wouldn't last. I have toget my school uniform specially made coz my waist is 42!!!! Please help me before I hurt myself
Reply from ladys 213455, Age 15 - 07/20/02  - IP#:
please dont hurt yourself because of your weight im 15 and weigh over 268. i wanted to hurt myself or die many times! if you feel you have to die then you just need someono talk to and maybe im the one i know just how you feel! you can call me at (903) 732-3994 or you can e-mail me at ask for Tina
Reply from jayme, Age 15 - 08/09/01 
hey iam really there for you girl. i am 5'3 and 196. its horrible all of my friends have boyfriends and always go out with each other and i sit at home. i would really like to talk to you sometime. my email adress is
Reply from Leanne, Age 18 - 05/23/01 
honey-take the advice sue has given u-she know what shes talking about. And may i just add, that Geri halliwell looks awful, just like all the other anorexics and belimics. and i can also tell u, that boys dont like the new geri-she looks like a ten yr old boy-and those wonderful boobs she had (im not a lesbian-hehe) are gone. Plz dont ever go down that same old destructive path.
Reply from elizabeth, Age 13 - 01/29/01 
I was anorexic + belimic that way i could wear a bathing suit or even go shopping at a store that isnt plus sized it was the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me. after i got help and i stopped the folishness i had gained weight. please dont hurt yourself.
Reply from Erica, Age 12 - 01/28/01 
You should try ballet,
I've been in ballet for nine years and it keeps me thin, I do it an hour a day every day,
and it's all the exersize i need
Try taking a class it is FUN
In two days i lost a pound just by not eating junk and and doing ballet an hour a day!
Please don't try anorexia, it kills
and it dosen't matter what you look like on the outside
what matters is what is on the inside;-)
Reply from Alison, Age 15 - 01/20/01 
I know how you feel, I weigh 240 pounds and my friends are all skinnier then me. I've been trying things for 3 years now. I to try to eat right but always eat junk food. I haven't lost weight in a year. I've only gained it. I would really like to talk to you sometime. Please email at or you can talk to me online with my screen name mischievous34. I can give you some tips. And low fat foods to try. Anyone else who needs help can email or talk to me anytime. Together we can get through this.
Reply from lucy, Age 25 - 01/19/01 
Dear Becca,
Please, do not even consider being an anorexic. It is just self destructive.I am a student Dietition from UK, and I would like to help you lose weight. Firstly, their are no miracles. The best way to lose weight is slowly, and healhtily, about 2lbs a week. Cut out fatty foods high in saturated fat, ie burgers, cakes, fried foods, and cookies.Eat more of fruit and vegetables, steamed, to retain the nutrients. For snacks nibble at raw veg eg. carrots, cucumber, and celery. Eat as much as you can of raw veg.Main meals, should include, starchy , filling foods, such as baked or boiled potatoes , boiled rice, pasta with low-fat sauce, also, your main meals should include plenty of veg as much as you can possibly eat, but without added fat.Examples of good healthy meals,
Baked potato with baked beans and a very large salad with low fat or calorie free dressing, or steamed/boiled fish, with boiled potatoes, loads of steamed/boiled veg, and even include a large salad again,
or, lean meat/poultry/fish with boiled rice, or pasta, and loads of veg/salad, NB. you can eat lots of veg and salads to lose weight and fill you up but don't forget to eat starchy food, too. this is very important for energy,and at least 2 portions of protein, eg meat or fish.One portion is approx 5oz meat/ 6-8 oz fish. Try cut down on chocolate bars and opt for fresh fruit instead.Remember that fizzy drinks are loaded with calories, go for fresh juices , water or diet drinks.
Wholemeal toast for breakfast, porridge and fresh juice and fruit, is a good start to the day.
Key is to eat a healthy diet for life, be satisfied, not feel hungry, snack on friut and veg,and DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF! Cut out the empty calories and eat for health. Good luck!
Reply from Stephanie, Age 16 - 01/17/01 
I don't know if this helps, or if you even have one of these around, but if your parents are willing to help you, you should consider joining Weight Watchers. I joined that and it's helped me make a change by eating less and exercising more. It does, though, cost $12 per week. If you are one of those persons that step on the scale a few times a day, like I used to do, it really depresses you. Learn to do it no more than one time per week, and write your progress down. If you go up, then tough... Just remember that it's the overall progress that you should look at. You didn't gain weight overnight, so you won't lose it overnight.
Reply from Krystal, Age 15 - 01/17/01 
Becca, No ones life is that bad but I do know how you feel. I weigh almost 200 lbs and people used to look at me like I was a freak. I started to exercise and lost a few lbs and I got some self confidence. Who cares what othewr people think of you if you like yourself? People arent perfect. I need to lose 50-60 lbs and I have been cutting down on my food and exercising alot more. I walk everyday for 20 mins and then I do crunches and lift some weights. I also suggest that you try TaeBo. I know it looks hard but once you start to to do it it actually starts to help you burn fat faster. Drink LOTS and LOTS of WATER. Try putting lemon juice in it to give it a little bit of flavor and the lemon also helps to burn fat faster. Well thats all the advice I have. Good luck! keep me posted!!!!
Reply from Annie, Age 11 - 01/17/01 
Please don't despair. I know exactly how you feel. I am on a diet as well, although my mum has warned me it will be a gradual process although I want to lose the weight like instantly.
The first thing to do is to talk to somebody close to you about this and get their support i.e. your mum or a close relative or even an understanding friend. Your self esteem seems very low right now but once you start losing the weight then you will start to feel better about yourself but it won't be instant. You have to be extremely strong willed and cut out all the foods that are high in fat i.e. burgers and high in calories - which is just about everything that tastes good. It will be very, very hard at first but once you have got over that first period then you will begin to feel better about yourself. Find out how many calories a girl of your age and height should be eating. A school nurse might know this or the doctor. Also, find out how many calories certain foods are. It sounds very boring but write everything down that you eat and work out your food to a certain level i.e. 1500 calories or whatever. I eat a lot of low calorie soups that fill me up plus lots of fruit and water. My weight is slowly going down but I accept that it will take time. Please don't despair. If you really, really, really want to lose weight sensibly then be positive, think positive, be strong-willed and cut out all the fattening foods. If you are worried you will feel hungry then take to school food you can nibble on like fruit or carrots. I really, really miss eating burgers and chips but I know that at the moment I can't. I still have a lot of weight to lose and I still look in the mirror and think I look huge but I am doing something positive about it. Look on today as the beginning and don't dwell on what you look like. Just think 'I am going to cut out the fattening foods and lose weight'. Good luck.
Reply from ~*SuGaR*~, Age 15 - 01/16/01 
Becca, trust me on one thing ok? dont be one of those girls who ends up in the hospital all becuz they thought the only way they could lose weight is if they had an eating disorder! Trust me cuz i was one of those girls i never ended up in the hospital but that was becuz my friends found out and got me help after a week of me not eating. I have tons of great ideas that could help u and I know what ur going through cuz im there, just becuz i never ate i did lose weight but i gained it all back right when i stopped, the only way to lose weight and feel great is to do it a healthy way!In the last 2 weeks i have lost 5 pounds! that is with a healthy weigh and i feel sooooo great!!! And i know it will stay off cuz i took the time to get it off!! Please e-mail me, I know i can help u!! and remember to feel good about yourself cuz if u dont u wont get anywhere, beleive me!been there,done that, dont need to do it again to figure out it sux! i know that right now u r probably like "yeah, I'm supossed to feel good about myself? whatever!" but yes u should! and i will explain farther when u e-mail me, so please do! buh bye! Be Happy!!
Reply from Jennifer, Age 30 - 01/16/01 
Dear Becca, Please don't even consider anorexia. That could kill you. Email me and I can help.