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From Becca, Age 15

I am so depressed. my life is hell. When i look in the mirror and see my 250 lb flubber i want to die. my friends have all gone on diets and look as gorgeous as geri halliwell but i am still as obese as a whale.when i ask them about this they say they'd much rather have my generous boobs but i'd much rather have a bum that fits into oridnay size 6 jeans. Whe I went to this slumber party with all the cool girls my nightshirt burst open and my huge stomach flopped out like a bowl of jello- now they look at me as if i'm a freak. i feel out of place and I diet all the time but i binge like crazy. i am considering anorexia- it seems like the only way out- and yet i know it wouldn't last. I have toget my school uniform specially made coz my waist is 42!!!! Please help me before I hurt myself