From Luke, Age 16 - 05/05/16 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 6'0", Start: 208 lb, Today: 207 lb (BMI %tile: 95), Goal: 160 lb - Hi, thanks for helping, I'm Luke. I was quite a fit kid, I weighed about 135lbs at 5 foot 6 going into high school - I played water polo for my school and district, and went to the gym a couple of times a month. But in high school exams and stuff have come along - I quit water polo, stopped going to the gym and have started to eat more at Mcdonalds KFC with my mates etc. As a result I've put on around 50 lbs in the last 2-3 years. I'm now 16, 6 foot but weigh 207 lbs, and have a size 36/38 waist. My doctor says I'm 'obese'. All the weight, as you can tell, went to to my gut. As a result, I no longer swim/ go to gym any longer as everyone can now see my belly. To be fair, I also don't play because I find myself short of breath a lot, I even sometimes have to stop at the top of stairs, wheezing. All my mates, a lot of them now overweight themselves, make fun of me, poking and jiggling my gut as it hangs over my (tight) shorts. As a result of this recent gain, my girlfriend has dumped me, put off by my lack of 'abs'. My parents have to buy me loads of new clothes, or I force my arse into some tight jeans - not a flattering look. Worst of all, I simply look 'fat', with my clearly visible pot belly and lovehandles. Many guys in the street have thrown comments, like 'fatass' and 'chubster' at me. I've got quite a handsome face, and as I say my newly grown belly doesn't match my naturally fit build. Does anyone have any advice on losing the weight I've put on and getting fitter - I'd like to get back to around 160 lbs in the next few months/years and have the courage to go swimming again
Reply from Josh, Age 17 - 06/06/16  - IP#:
Hi Luke, I'm Josh, I'm also quite sporty but I've always been a little chunky. I understand where you are coming from with the bullying you are getting. I sometimes get teased for being the tubby one out of a skinny group and that's why I want to lose weight. And sorry about the girlfriend (my girlfriend wants me to lose weight!?) I'd say to make small changes in his lifestyle: walk to school instead of driving or getting the bus,this will also stop you getting short of breath a lot.and cut out the McDonald's you are on about- they contain too many calories.
Reply from Thomas, Age 15 - 05/12/16  - IP#:
I weigh basically the same as you and am the same height, and might start losing weight over the summer: You can contact me at or thgn24 on kik if you ever want to chat.
Reply from Ben, Age 17 - 05/10/16  - IP#:
Hi Luke I gained a lot of weight like you. I am 100kg (220 pound) and I want to lose weight, get down to 180. Maybe we could help each other lose weight, email me at if so.
Reply from J, Age 16 - 05/05/16  - IP#:
Hey Luke, and Welcome! I'm Jacob. 16 as well, about 6 feet and 190-ish. I was in the same boat as you, but I'm slowly losing weight. I started eating right and working out more and I-m starting to lose, lost about 10 pounds already. I would recommend you try eating healthier first.
Also use the chatroom if you haven't! Someone might have tips for you.
If you want to talk about it or want some more advice, feel free to hit me up, or kik @ jakedaniels568.