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From Luke, Age 16

Ht. 6'0", Start: 208 lb, Today: 207 lb, Goal: 160 lb - Hi, thanks for helping, I'm Luke. I was quite a fit kid, I weighed about 135lbs at 5 foot 6 going into high school - I played water polo for my school and district, and went to the gym a couple of times a month. But in high school exams and stuff have come along - I quit water polo, stopped going to the gym and have started to eat more at Mcdonalds KFC with my mates etc. As a result I've put on around 50 lbs in the last 2-3 years. I'm now 16, 6 foot but weigh 207 lbs, and have a size 36/38 waist. My doctor says I'm 'obese'. All the weight, as you can tell, went to to my gut. As a result, I no longer swim/ go to gym any longer as everyone can now see my belly. To be fair, I also don't play because I find myself short of breath a lot, I even sometimes have to stop at the top of stairs, wheezing. All my mates, a lot of them now overweight themselves, make fun of me, poking and jiggling my gut as it hangs over my (tight) shorts. As a result of this recent gain, my girlfriend has dumped me, put off by my lack of 'abs'. My parents have to buy me loads of new clothes, or I force my arse into some tight jeans - not a flattering look. Worst of all, I simply look 'fat', with my clearly visible pot belly and lovehandles. Many guys in the street have thrown comments, like 'fatass' and 'chubster' at me. I've got quite a handsome face, and as I say my newly grown belly doesn't match my naturally fit build. Does anyone have any advice on losing the weight I've put on and getting fitter - I'd like to get back to around 160 lbs in the next few months/years and have the courage to go swimming again