From Ellie, Age 13 - 09/18/15 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Start: 16 st 0, Today: 16 st 0, Goal: 13 st 0 - It's Diet time for Me, I'm just so horribly hugely F-A-T. I weigh a big 16 stone and I'm only 13! This time I'm sticking to it-no matter what- or they'll be calling me Ellie the Elephant if I'm not careful. My friends Ruby and Paris think I'm mad- but it's all right for them. Ruby looks like a model and has a chance to be a real cover girl. Paris is drop dead gorgeous but not me oh no, I'm just the big fat sad turkey who sits in the corner stuffing it face with food. I've been on a lot of diets but they have never worked out. There is a girl in my grade who is about 17 stone or something is she is 14. I'll be bigger then her before I no it. I'm fat. Fat Fat Fat!  (Note: 16 st 0 is 224 lb.)
Reply from mairead, Age 13 - 10/28/15  - IP#:
im 14stone 8 pounds
good luck with your weight loss
Reply from Jessica, Age 20 - 09/26/15  - IP#:
Ellie u can do this!! I once weighed 195-196 lbs five half years ago.. you re very pretty young lady!! please don't put yourself down, sweetheart, please don't call yourself names, don't., I understand what's like to 've w.t. issues,. trust me,. its not fun,. I did find a store u might like, u could still shop at, Forever 21 dose 've plus sizes just take it easy, you 've made mistakes with your eating habits, your a teenager girl, I want you to enjoy the teens, yes be healthy,. lose it is a good app, yes you add calories, RunnerKeep is a good app you can use it for running or walking!! I want to know, you re gorgeous, even write down what you eat, note pad pen or pencil at school during lunch time, unfortely its hard to tell what's the calorie + portion size yes portion control is the key!! u don't 've to keep stuffing your face with food. you have to start somewhere, watching portion sizes isn't always easy, u can get a water bottle, I want you to know ur re not a failure! Ellie!!!<.
Reply from kekeletso, Age 13 - 09/18/15  - IP#:
lets be weight loss buddies email me at
Reply from kekeletso, Age 13 - 09/18/15  - IP#:
i know how it feels,but never give up no matter how hard it is. I Keep messing up but im not giving up so LETS DO THIS GIRL