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From Ellie, Age 13

Start: 16 st 0, Today: 16 st 0, Goal: 13 st 0 - It's Diet time for Me, I'm just so horribly hugely F-A-T. I weigh a big 16 stone and I'm only 13! This time I'm sticking to it-no matter what- or they'll be calling me Ellie the Elephant if I'm not careful. My friends Ruby and Paris think I'm mad- but it's all right for them. Ruby looks like a model and has a chance to be a real cover girl. Paris is drop dead gorgeous but not me oh no, I'm just the big fat sad turkey who sits in the corner stuffing it face with food. I've been on a lot of diets but they have never worked out. There is a girl in my grade who is about 17 stone or something is she is 14. I'll be bigger then her before I no it. I'm fat. Fat Fat Fat!