From Brooke, Age 12 - 08/15/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 4'11", Start: 136 lb, Today: 134 lb (BMI %tile: 96), Goal: 110 lb - I am very scared to go into 7th grade. The reason is that i am overweight. Actually, OBESE! I have started
a detox that is really good for the liver,heart,and
bladder. It washes out the fat and leaves me feeling good about my self. I noticed my skin looks and feels better. I have more energy too! I really want to lose at least one or two more pounds before school. I'm pretty sure i can. I exercise daily. I go on a walk once a day, And swim 20 laps in the pool. Or sometimes I do yoga, and then i do like 100 jumping jacks. I even walk up and down the stairs for about 15 minutes.
The thing that i need most is motivation. I need support. So if you have any tips I WOULD LOVE THEM!
Reply from Katie, Age 12 - 09/21/09  - IP#:
Please Tell Me About that Detox. You Are Doing So Great. Don't Be Scared. If You Have Good Friends, They'll Stick With You. If Anybody EVER Calls You Fat, Just Do What I Do, Think About The Fact That you Have Real Friends That Actually Like You, Unlike Them. There Was A Girl At My School Who Was Such A Brat, But Even Her Best Friend Hated Her, I Actually Felt Bad For Her.
Reply from K, Age 12 - 09/04/09  - IP#:
U do alot and at ur weight ur not obese
Reply from Alexandra, Age 12 - 08/21/09  - IP#:
hey Brooke im starting a little group (hopefully i get enoungh to call it that) so we can encourage each other and challenge each other to keep eating well and excercising. (and tell me about that detox it sounds awesome!!
Reply from nikkita, Age 11 - 08/15/09  - IP#:
Write yourself little notes that you'll see everyday!!!