From tabby, Age 11 - 12/07/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hi i just found this site a real big problem has happened to me im 11 and i weigh 214 pounds...IM NOT LYING well now i weigh more than 214 cuz on thanksgiving i ate A LOT and i gained 6 pounds a confesssion...I CAN EVEN SIT STRAIT IT HURTS I CANT EVEN FIT IN MY DESK IT HURTS i used to be average weight but i gained a lot in just this year i gained 32lbs. yea my whole family is skinny people at school call me tubby tabby and i just can stand it right at this moment im eating a slice of pizza...ive already eaten 3i have to wear stretch clothing AND WELL I NEED ADVICE but not like DIET OR DONT EAT THAT PIZZA pleez just gimme something helpful pleez
Reply from maggie!, Age 13 - 03/08/04  - IP#:
hey there tabby!
i am not over weight im around 4'11 maybe 5 foot and i weight 102 when i was younger like 11 i was a little over weight. I wanted to be able to wear a bikini and cute mini skirts like everyone else so i know how u feel. when it got to be the summer of 5th grade i knew i had to do something bout this so i decided to go on the web and find some advice. I learned that if u cut your meal in half and not eat as much then ur stomach shrinks so u wont be as hungry ~ seems hard but after ur done eating if u go and do something then u wont have the feeling that u NEED to eat! It really did work for me! i really do hope that u find a way to feel good about ur self and i want to help!
much luv! x0x0 maggie!
Reply from ~rebecca~ - 12/16/03  - IP#:
dear tabby, i used to b overweight to but i m really tall so i was sorta able to pull it of....a little. i have a problem called IBS and i cant eat dairy like the cheese on pizza ice cream and creamy fattening desserts. i was able to lose about 20 pounds but in a very unfortunate way. i cant eat all th good, creamy, fattening, normal foods, i cant even eat fruit because of the ruff peel on the skin. so, i have a question for you, if you know eating 3 slices of pizza is bad for you .....than why do you continue to eat it because if you TRY to resist the temptation of those highly fatting foods, your body will become used to the resisting of the food and soon you will be able to resist some of it. just try. because if you still want to be called tubby tabby.....go ahead but doesnt pretty skinny self confident tabby sound much much much better! dont worry , and if needed look toward the support of your family because i bet they are behind your plans of weight lose 100%!!!!
Reply from caroline, Age 11 - 12/16/03  - IP#:
hey Tabby,
ya i know how u feel, im sure u dont like people teasin' u but u know wut,u only live once and why not enjoy while it lasts? im sure it hurts, but u know all those skinnie minnies out there!!!!!!, im sure they r on a strict diet, but do u really want 2 live like that??? im sure u dont sure it wouldnt hurt 2 stand up 2 those bullies that tease u and say " we only live once and i want 2 have a good time while it lasts" and really wut can they say after that...notin' rite!
~ Caroline!!!
Reply from antonio, Age 15 - 12/15/03  - IP#:
dear tabby i can only imagine the pain you are goin through. what you need to do is just watch what you eat eat more fruts and things like that if it's not too much to ask please send me a pic or yourself my email address is i would reall appricate it and remember you will start lossing weight when you feel good about youself
Reply from Jessica, Age 12 - 12/10/03  - IP#:
hey. its ok. Blubber is the new flubber, which is the new rubber of the century. so ur in our future. U will make things happen! u can be a big star w/ out losing weight. thats all u have to tell people... "Blubber is the new flubber which is the new rubber, which is gunna be ur future. im in ur future, ur gunna be pumpin my gas, when i'll be in my new car, laughin at u! PUMP MY GAS LOSER!" love and peace!! jessica! p.s- need any more help on come backs... just email me. c-ya l8r home slice!
Reply from abby, Age 11 - 12/10/03  - IP#:
i think u an i have the same problem i am 5ft and wegh
150 but i no it is hard 2 lose weght but i have all ready lost 25 ponds just by walking every night and
haveing things like apples and yogurt 4 breaksast
and 4 on;y haveing 2 slices of pizza
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Reply from steffie, Age 12 - 12/07/03  - IP#:
sorry, but I am waiting, if u don't want to talk to me just say so, it's no big deal, I am supposed to be doing homework anyhow!
Reply from steffie, Age 12 - 12/07/03  - IP#:
please answer me!
Reply from Steffie, Age 12 - 12/07/03  - IP#:
I don't know what u mean by going to a fat camp, but like I said, you should talk to your family about ti , and if u are to shy make it with just ur mom and you or find a friend that has the same problem, if you don't talk to ur doctor, and work up, some kind of dieting diary, or just do it urself, what are u doing right now? i am supposed to be doing homework, but I guess i'll talk to u
Reply from Steffie, Age 12 - 12/07/03  - IP#:
I think you should have a larger lunch and a smaller dinner, that's what I do! ( read about me below) (answer me too) get involved in after school-activies, and tell ur family about your diet, especially ur mom tell her you want to lose wieght but that u are going to need her help and support i lost 12 pounds, and my mom helped me the whole way! you might wanna drink lots of water too, and you should get in volved in sports to, or clubs, why? you socialize, make new friends, excercise and get ur mind off food, u also have fun!