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From tabby, Age 11

hi i just found this site a real big problem has happened to me im 11 and i weigh 214 pounds...IM NOT LYING well now i weigh more than 214 cuz on thanksgiving i ate A LOT and i gained 6 pounds a confesssion...I CAN EVEN SIT STRAIT IT HURTS I CANT EVEN FIT IN MY DESK IT HURTS i used to be average weight but i gained a lot in just this year i gained 32lbs. yea my whole family is skinny people at school call me tubby tabby and i just can stand it right at this moment im eating a slice of pizza...ive already eaten 3i have to wear stretch clothing AND WELL I NEED ADVICE but not like DIET OR DONT EAT THAT PIZZA pleez just gimme something helpful pleez