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Plus Size or Outsize Clothing Tips
(Ideas for Boys and Girls!)

Some overweight kids and teens tend to dress in baggy clothing in an attempt to hide their extra weight. Unfortunately, very loose clothing tends to make one look not only sloppy, but even heavier. Others may try to dress in the same clothing styles and sizes as when they were at a lower weight. This too, can be unappealing, if skin is bulging out or the fabric looks like a second skin.

Here are a few tips and resources for finding the best clothing styles and sizes to compliment your body, which in turn, should help boost your self-esteem.

Boys and Girls
Look for clothing sizes that are neither too loose nor too clingy. They should lightly touch the curves of your body. Husky sizes often refer to large boy's clothing, while plus sizes are used to describe the women's version. The UK may refer to extra large clothing as outsize clothing.

* Stand up straight! Using good posture may help you look up to 10 - 15 pounds lighter. It also makes you look and feel more confident.
* If you wear stripes, chose vertical stripes to elongate your body. Avoid horizontal stripes as they will have the opposite effect. (Unless you have a relatively small top or bottom that you want to accentuate in order to draw attention away from larger parts of your body.)
* Black has a slimming effect, but don't overdo it or you will look like you are always going to a funeral. Also experiment with other dark, solid colors in outfits.
* Avoid belts as these draw attention to the belly area.
* V-necks help create the illusion of a slimmer neckline and draw attention away from double chins. Turtle necks have the opposite effect so avoid those if possible.
* Wear pants with straight legs or ones that flare at the bottom hem. This draws the eye away from the mid-section.

(Girls only)
* Cinched or wrapped jackets and blouses - These help create the image of a waist if you don't have one.
* Look for styles labeled empire waist, which means the fabric is gathered under the breasts and has a flowing, loose-fitting waist area. These styles draw attention away from midsections.
* Don't be embarrassed to look in the maternity section if you have trouble finding outfits that aren't too snug in the stomach area.
* If you wear skirts, make sure they are longer than they are wide.
* Looks for bell sleeves, which flare at the wrist and help draw attention away from heavier areas of the body. Flare-leg pants have a similar effect.
* Shoes with at least 1/2 inch heel will help create the illusion of a taller body. Just be sure to pick comfortable and safe styles!
* Accessories
Earrings - long, slender earring designs help detract from round cheeks. Avoid circular or extra large earrings because they may emphasize the heavy impression.
Necklaces - Y shaped necklaces that are long and dangly help accentuate necklines

Clothing stores that carry teen plus sizes
(Note: These are not endorsements nor an all inclusive list, but most have been referred to by other kids and parents on this site.)
Old Navy
Fashion Bug
Dress Barn
Lane Bryant
Forever 21
Lands End
JC Penny (boys and girls)
Daniel Jacob at (for boys!)

Please also visit our new Clothing and Fashion Board to see what your peers have to say about dressing in plus, husky or outsize clothing sizes.

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