Emotional Food Ad Slogans

"Help yourself to happiness" - Golden Corral
"Come hungry. Leave happy." - IHOP
"Hershey's Bliss" - (chocolate bar) Hershey's Corp.
"Every dinner should feel this good" - Staufer's Foods
"There's a lot of joy in Chips Ahoy!" - Kraft Foods
"A big delight in every bite " - Hostess Twinkies
"Give the Cool Whip, Get the Love" - Cool Whip
"Unwrap a smile" - Little Debbie Cakes
"Life's better the Milky Way" - Mars Candy Co.
"Comfort in every bar"  - Mars Candy Co. (Milky Way)
"The words 'bummed' and 'caramel' don't go together" - Mars Candy Co.
"Pop Tarts - Made for Fun!" - Kellogg Corp.
"Life tastes better with KFC" - Kentucky Fried Chicken
"Little nuggets of joy" - McDonald's Chicken McNuggets
"Double your pleasure, double your fun" - Double Mint gum
"More Smiles Per Gallon" - Kool Ade
"Barrel of fun" - KFC
"Eat and laugh and share!" - Pizza Hut
"Nobody makes your day like McDonald-s can" - McDonald-s Corp.
"Food, folks and fun" - McDonald-s Corp.
"We love to make you smile" - McDonald-s Corp.
"You deserve a break today." - McDonald's
"Get your smile on." - Lay's
"Nothing delights you like Sunny Delight."
"Don't You Feel Good About 7-up"
"Feelin' 7-up"
"Red Bull gives you wings" - Red Bull
"Obey your thirst" - Sprite
"Have a coke and a smile" - Coca Cola
"Coke Adds Life" - Coca Cola
"The Joy of Cola" - Coca Cola
"Feels like home" - Sarah Lee Foods
"It's like a mouth full of joy" - Honey Buckets of Oats, Kraft Foods
"Happy Meal" - McDonald's meal for children
"It-s like biting into heaven" - Lombardi-s Pizza
"Mini-Delights" - Quaker
"Dunkin- Delights" - Keebler
"Joy for the Belly and Soul" - Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (Unilever)
"Snack Happily Ever After" - Philadelphia Cream Cheese
"Eat, drink, and be merry" - Dairy Queen
"Open your snack hole" - McDonald-s
"Makes mouths happy" - Twizzler
"Wake up with a hottie" - McDonald's
"Your free hand can rub your belly" - McDonald's
"The sound of RediWhip is the sound of joy" - RediWhip
"Stir up a smile" - Hershey's chocolate syrup