How do you feel about holiday food "treats"?

Age 16, male, 5'3, 283 lbs - I tend to loose track of my weight loss and tend to gain what I lost back -

Age 11, female, 5', 137 lbs - I usually gain weight during nov-feb cause it is snowy and I ain't active during this time so I gain about 10- 20 pounds which gets me fat. :) -

Age 14, male, 167, 66 kgs - I cant help but eat the treats! If I see them and am slightly hungry I'll start, but I find it hard to stop -

Age 9, female, 5' 1'', 142 lbs - I don't really like the "treats" afterward at all, but it's so tempting I have to have a little peice, and then I want more and more and more. Before I know it, I gained weight. -

Age 15, female, 65, 187 lbs - When I see cake, I inhale it. -

Age 11, female, 5.1, 137 lbs - I was doing fine with my weight and height for my age untill halloween 2010 and now my three best freinds and way taller then me. -

Age 17, female, 5 7.5, 211 lbs - Its the holidays so i give myself a break and start over after the holidays -

Age 15, female, 5'3, 192 lbs - I don't know what it is. It's like I just automatically give up just like that. -

Age 13, female, 156cm, 120 lbs - We have traditional foods we have to eat on Jewish festivals and it screws up my weight loss because usually very fattening. -

Age 14, male, 5'6", 401 lbs - This is a great question. Honestly, holidays like these just make me want to eat everything up, and I would. I know that doing so would be the wrong thing to do if I want to lose weight, like I answered, I can resist it all, but when it comes to holidays I think to myself," Diet tomorrow, diet tomorrow." -

Age 14, female, 5'10.8", 182 lbs - i still eat the treats, but in moderation... -

Age 9, female, 4foot11, 120 lbs - I think that holidays mess up my weight.I think there so good that i can't stop eating them. -

Age 10, female, 57, 92 lbs - cool idea -

Age 13, female, 5 ft. 5in., 109 lbs - I recently gave all fo my halloween candy to my mom's work! -

Age 13, male, 5 1\2 , 200 lbs - i wish i could reasist -

Age 18, female, 5'8", 185 lbs - The holidays used to be the worst for me in terms of binging. I'd gain upwards of 10 pounds between October-January each year. Now I'm working to try and avoid second helpings and fatty desserts. -

Age 16, male, 6.4, 300 lbs - i try to eat alot during the holidays so i can gain weight -

Age 11, male, 5 ft., 112 lbs - My parents dont let me eat alot of candy, so when i do i eat as much as i can. Example: last week we had our scool halloween party. I ate 4 pieces of cake! I was wearing a box and my belly was about to break the box. Last year we had a choir party. i ate 10 pieces of candy, 2 boxes of popcorn, and 6 pieces of cake, along with 12 pieces of pizza, all because my parents werent there. i gained maybe about 4 punds. -

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