What do you think is the main cause of the overweight epidemic?

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Age 15, female, 5"3, 162 lbs - I think the overweight and obesty because kids and teens are not excriseing enough. Wactching 3-4 hours of TV and computer.

Age 14, male, 6,0, 230 lbs - i want to get even fatter

Age 16, female, 5;'8, 178 lbs - that picture that/you/have/here/is/so/insilting/and/that/saying/why/are/we/so/fat/is/rude/besides/i/do/not/look/like/that/why/is/the/person/in/the/picture/naked/thi/is/totally/insulting

Age 15, female, 5'6", 144 lbs - and all of the fatty, processed foods that we have today.

Age 13, female, 5'5, 126 lbs - Also whilr wer're doing this we're also stuffing ourselfs with junk foods

Age 12, male, 5'6, 177 lbs - im big but im losing it but all i no is that i used to eat all the time because of people making me uspet

Age 13, female, 5'5.5, 118 lbs - while emotional eating is a main factor...the cause of technology is in my opion the one that outweighs emotional eating. The US is the country with the biggest obesity problem....we are also the more technically mature country. We more tools that we can utilize to do things in a shorter amount of time then doing them by our own hands and feet. WE need something to stop this. VERB ads do not work......people have to stop using cars,computers, tv, video game, and elevators/excalators and start thinking and moving on ur on two feet and realize ur wasting life.

Age 15, female, 5ft 4, 110 lbs - I don't think that people do enough exercise, also i think that there are too many foods around that are unheathly.

Age 14, female, 5'2, 150 lbs - i think its mix combo od excercise and emotional eating....like when you go to the movies i mean its like even if your not hungary you have to get popcorn...then with excercise i wish there was stuff out there that wasn't $500 to play and then you have to do hard core stuff... i started doing cross country and it was $300!!! JUST TO RUN AROUND A TRACK!!!

Age 13, female, 5 '6 , 219 lbs - Its all of everything

Age 13, female, 5'5'', 160 lbs - Well, I just eat a lot because i LOVE FOOD. Im going on a diet tomorrow though. i am going to stick to it!!!XOXO, AVRIL rock out loudPS My name is avril :)

Age 15, female, 5,2, 127 lbs - People turn to food when they are sad, happy, trying to avoid something! If you eat healthy, and get a little exercise, you will still maintain a normal weight. You should exercise though, at least 4 days a week for about 45 to 60 minutes. Some people think they need to lose weight, when they really just need to tone up! REMEMBER MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT!!!

Age 14, female, 5'0, 288 lbs - i am so fat because of both the first and third reason

Age 12, female, 58, 77 lbs - if america would get off thier butts and jog once in a while and not eat so many treats we would be a skinnier america

Age 14, female, 5' 9", 144 lbs - I think there is no excuse

Age 14.5., female, 5'3, 110 lbs - I think Americans these days are eating way too much and exercising very little. And they eat unhealthy stuff like fast food and such things. People don't realize that ur killin urself slowly by doing that.

Age 15, female, 5'7, 180.5 lbs - I think if people got out more to excercise they would weigh less its just that we pretty muchd rive everywhere and our life is busy with homework and work and stuff that we dont have time to fit excerise into our schedules so if we excersie mor we will be way more healthy.

Age 13, female, 5'7", 223 lbs - Everyone I know practically soothes emtions with food!

Age 15, male, 6'1", 140 lbs - no exercise and constant eating is a bad combination

Age 14, female, 5'1.5, 100 lbs - You have to get out there and get active!

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