From Kathy, Age 14 - 01/30/11 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3", Start: 152 lb, Today: 353 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 150 lb - I don't know how I let this happen to me. I didn't really realize how big I've gotten until I went to the doctor the other day. they made me put on the kind of papery gown, and I barely fit in it. My Mom was there when I was changing in to it- she has not seen me without full clothing for years- and it almost made me cry to see her face. I tried to hide all the rolls in my stomach and all the stretch marks because I've put on this weight since I started middle school- so basically in the last three years. My Mom was disgusted. The doctor told me I was hugely overweight, and that I need to do something about it. When we got home, my Mom made me jog around this loop in our neighborhood. It is only about 1/6 of a mile, and I could not do it. I was wearing a tightish shirt, and it kept riding way up, and my stomach kept falling out. My stomach is huge, and it was really embarrassing. When I got back, i was breathing so hard and my stomach was hanging out, even though I'd walked part of the way. My mom said it was disgusting, and to look at how huge I am. I almost cried. later when my Mom went to work, I couldn't help myself, and I ate a ton of chicken nuggets and a burger and fries. and 3 pieces of chocolate cake and a coke. I couldn't help myself! I hate being this huge, I cram myself everyday into clothes that are too small cuz my Mom wont buy me bigger ones, its so embarrassing. Sometimes my jeans rip and almost none of my shirts can contain my whole stomach, so people have to look at my huge stomach, and i hate it! Help me!
Reply from Jessica, Age 15 - 03/13/11  - IP#:
Try some excriess that will get the weight down..
Drink a lot of Water daily,, eat less small meals.. no more then one serving per meal,, write down what you ate in a food diary,,,,, dont give up you hopes for your goal...
I know how it felt to be 165 pounds..
You can loess 2 pounds every week!! diets that work are EatingWell. reicpes and the website is free.
I am so sorry that you are overweight. Once you lose that much weight you will feel better and happier too.
I know you can do it.
Reply from Michael, Age 15 - 02/04/11  - IP#:
hi kathy some of us are in your position im in the 300lbs and its hard to buy clothes and like no one understands and like obese peoplle like us find it hard because we have large stomachs that hang low and u can see stick out and my school uniform is tight and its at the final size. its also hard to find pants for big hips and big bottoms.
Reply from Magen, Age 15 - 02/02/11  - IP#:
Hunn, you need to start immediatly and you need to stick with it, you can do! okay heres what i want you to do!
1. 1300 calorie diet WRITE IT ALL DOWN! all of it!! IF you over eat you neeed to know, YOU HAV A COMPUTER USE IT search for calories of the foods you ate today that didnt have a lable.
2. EXERCISE jog around ur neighborhood walk... do it all and try to do sit ups and crunches i personally do 200 situps a day and 100 crunches somtimes more.
3. hun i know i was never in ur position but i weighed 250 at one point and i went from 250 to 189 but i gained sum back because i got extreamly depressed over a brake up with my boyfriend but alls im trying to say is you can do it
4. I would like to keep contact with you. bc i can giv you tons of tips.
5. if i can do it anyone can. i am no one special really at all i just turned 15 jan 22 so im not that much older than yo0u
6. add me to facebook if you have one. my name is magen carter In my profile picture im wearing a blue n black zebra striped shirt i hav dirty blond hair and bblue eyes.
7 if you dont hav facebook email me
8 NEVER BACK DOWN thats my life motto and live like your dying
9 print out a pic of someone skinny and pretty that can inspire you Mine is katie babyface shes beautiful.
10 YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!
goodluck get in touch, Magen
Reply from yvonne, Age 14 - 01/30/11  - IP#:
you can do it trust , i ve already lost 5 pounds ..
i belive in you we can do this together ..