From Birtha, Age 14 - 10/28/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey there. I am 5'3 and 239 pounds. I am currently trying weight watchers. I did it, but gained 5 pounds. I know i don't have a eating problem i just like to eat. That is normal, i think. i sit at home and watch tv, talk on the internet and eat. Why am i gaining so much weight? I get the mail everyday!! its like 20 feet from my house. good exercise!!! What do YOU think? or what should i do.*Birtha
Reply from L a U r A, Age 14 - 11/19/04  - IP#:
birtha ur fat as hell
Reply from Amanda, Age 16 - 10/30/04  - IP#:
We lets see If you want to lose weight you can't just play on the computer watch tv and eat you need to do activities if you don't like lifting weight do fun sstuff jump rope, riding bikes, swimming etc... I think you should try some of those because im sure they will help
Reply from kathryn to kristi, Age 16 - 10/29/04  - IP#:
What is your problem?? Who are you to say that she isnt telling the truth. AND, even if you do really know for some reason that she is lying, why do you feel its nessesary to curse. I mean really... We are here to help eachother, and you are being all bitter. Cheer up!!
Reply from krissy, Age 14 - 10/28/04  - IP#:
hiya birtha! Krissy here 14 female 245 lbs!! wanna help each other out? lemme know?
Reply from Calynn, Age 15 - 10/28/04  - IP#:
Well, if you're sitting at home on the computer and eating, that cannot be too good if that's all you are doing. Do you eat healthy? Or do you use portion control? Those would definatly help.
Reply from Allie, Age 15 - 10/28/04  - IP#:
dear birtha,
it doesnt matter what u look like. it only matters whats inside, but u could die for being over weight!! u should check the mail more than once a day!! it could help!! JOIN GOLDS GYM!!!!
love ALLIe