From Megan, Age 15 - 10/29/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi everyone my name is Megan Kinney!!! I love to eat...all day if i can, its what makes me happy, my daily meals consist of cereal, toast with peanut butter banana pepsi sometimes a hot pocket or two with that for breakfast. Then for lunch, i usually have chicken, chips, bread, pizza, chocalate cake, hohos, pasta, brownies and a salad with like a 2 liter, then for dinner i have pasta, pizza, loaf of garlic bread, ice cream, yogurt, potatoes, fries and then the rest of the chocolate cake with lots of chocalte syrup and icing. I walk a lot of school and sometimes i miss the bus at school so i have to run, so i get my exercise, why am i sooo fat, i weigh 310 lbs. and im only 15, how can i get down to a healthy weight. I hate looking bad and people making fun of me it really hurts my feelings, how can i get down to 130....PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!
Reply from Amanda, Age 16 - 10/30/04  - IP#:
Hi well i'll give you some advice on some things you can do and you can start a little at a time. First start by eating 4 small days a meal and make sure they are small only eat one serving size the reason you eat four meals is because the meals are so small eat one meal at 7:30-8am eat another at 11 am and another at 3 pm after three hours you can eat another meal don't eat after 7 at night. Then for exercise do push ups about 15 to start out with you add five every time after that, do 20 crunchs at 5 after that, then do activities that are fun like riding bikes running with friends or swimming. Whatever you do you have to keep a positive attitude and get off the cokes and candy alittle at a time that way when you get to the point you don't need to count on food you will start to notice a change in your attitude and weight just don't let your attitude take over and rag on kids that are like you and me I weigh 180.8 lbs and im 5'4
Reply from susan, Age 13 - 10/30/04  - IP#:
just eat more vegtables and fruits. drink more water. excercise daily even if its for 5 minutes. good luck hon!
Reply from Catherine, Age 15 - 10/29/04  - IP#:
I agree with both of those posts below. It is all about portion sizes and how much you eat. Food is energy and god made it to taste good. But the key is moderation, you dont have to cut out your favorite foods, but you should limit them. When you dont them everyday, they taste so much better. Remember that food is fuel and it just made to keep you moving and your body working. But too much food is just stored as fat. Try to make the majority of your meals healthy choices like fruits, veggies, whole grains, and good proteins. Any movement is exercise, even just walking. Try to walk for 20 minutes a day straight and move up as it gets easier. I know there will be hard times, but that is what were here for, support. I also heard that the less tv you watch the less you weigh. I know that is one of my problems, I like to eat in front of the tv. Also one other thing, when you get healthier and eat the right amount, you dont usually obsess over food as much, and learn to do the other things in life that you love. Don't ever feel bad if someone makes fun of you, because that means that the person that made fun of you has something wrong with their life that they dont like. Everyone thinks that the grass is greener on the others side. And that is so false. We did this assignment in my fourth period class about the big rocks in our lives. IT had to be 3 pages long and it was about all the hard things in life that you go through. There were 2 popular girls in my class that had so many problems that I wanted to cry fo them. And alot of other people I had no idea had so many big rocks in there life. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had, I got closer to all of them. This is my favorite class, everyone of us are like best friends. My point is that never let anyone hurt you, besides it is not on the outside that counts, it is the inside. You have probably heard that a million times, or maybe not, but it is so the truth. God doesnt care if you weight 5,000 pounds he looks at you as a person, not by what you look like, you made you the way you are, and doesnt want you change on the inside. If you want to lose weight and become healthier and have more endurance, then I fully believe you can do it. Good Luck, and even a few changes can make a difference.
Reply from april, Age 16 - 10/29/04  - IP#:
yeah just cut back on what you eat and pop gives you celulit ( i am a bad speller) and water if you only drink water and no pop of any kind you can lose like 2 pounds a week from that but you have to give it time and the weight itsnt suppose to come back...i do that but i cant alwasy stick to it..its hard but i tlike the results and only weight yourself one a week dont look at the weight look at the slimmer you look i know this one girl at my schoool verrrrry preeeettttty (hate her lololl) but she weights 160 and sheee look like she weights 115 but see dont just concentrate on the weight k bye good luck you can do it i know you can bye april
Reply from Desiree', Age 15 - 10/29/04  - IP#:
That was rude what that other girl said to you. Just cut back on what you eat. For breakfast only have a a bowl of ceral and some toast or fruit. Lunch, it's ok to have pizza, but if your going to have pizza, then don't eat some much other stuff. Have a slice or two of pizza, a few veggies, fruit and a diet soda or water(water is better for you)... as for dinner, if you sit down at a table and eat with your family ask one of your parents to make your plate, so maybe they won't serve you so much food. And drink lots of water...drinking water will make your stomach think it's full. I drink a bottle or two of water right before I eat and the water makes me feel full, therefore I don't eat so much. And also,workout after you eat...take a walk around the neighborhood, do sit-ups, crunches, you can even jump-rope. anything that will keep you active. email me sometime, I will be happy to help you...