From abi, Age 13 - 10/29/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I KNOW THIS IS LONG BUT PLEASE READ IT. Hi im Abi and since the age of about 6 i have been obsessed with my weight and the way i look. I never was big just normal but cruel taunts and nasty comments from people around made me put on weight. At the age of about ten i started to pile on weight, i was getting bullied badly by a couple of boys in my class and life has gone down hill from there. In the three years between then and now i have put on about 4 stone(about 56 pounds). I now weigh 12 stone 12 (180 pounds) and am miserable. I am constantly in arguements with my parents about my weight. I dont want to make them sound mean and nasty because i know they only shout at me because they care and are extremly worried about me. I hate it. I want to do something about my weight. I need your help. I know everything there is to know about dieting so i would be really pleased to have someone with the same stats as me or not i dont care but i know that i am going to conquer this growing fear inside be and one day the thin me will come out. i want to help you too so please reply here and i will be in touch thanx this means so much to me  (Note: 1 stone (st) equals 14 pounds.)
Reply from Amanda, Age 16 - 10/30/04  - IP#:
Hey i really know how you feel im 5'4 and I weigh 180.8 lbs and it kills me I was a really thin little girl but when i turned ten i turned to food for all of my problems and I still have that problem now im sure we can help each other and Heres my sn its please write me id love to talk and we can help each other lose weight
Reply from Whitney, Age 15 - 10/29/04  - IP#:
Hey Abi! I'm Whitney, I'm 5'8" and weigh bout 180 lbs too. I would love to be ur kind of diet buddy or w/e u wanna call it. I'd like to talk to u more so if ur interested just reply to me here or u can e-mail me or im me at If u do e-mail me just put sumthin like this is abi in the subject cuz I don't wanna delete it on accident. Well hopefully I'll ttyl! *muahz* Whit
Reply from abi, Age 13 - 10/29/04  - IP#:
please reply i really need your help love abix