From Elizabeth, Age 20 - 12/29/20 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'7", Start: 232 lb, Today: 297 lb (BMI: 47), Goal: 150 lb - Hey everyone, I used to come to this site when I was trying to loose weight as a teen. For while I worked out and ate right and lost around 20 pounds but towards the end of high school. I started binge eating. I would stay up until 3 in the morning, just stuffing my face. Looking back, I was so disgusting. I enjoyed that feeling then, the feeling of the right skin on my belly and the almost high feeing of food coma. But now, 3 years later I’m a meal away from being 300 pounds. Due to covid, I’ve been sitting at home a lot and eating a lot. I’ve gained 60 pounds since March and pretty much everyday when I step onto my scale, it goes up. None of my clothes fit anymore and my mom is beginning to notice by belly hang peeking out from under my shirts. She even lifted my shirt up the other day. She cried about “what I’ve done to myself.” All the stretch marks, rolls and flab make her cry. I felt like an animal. I would work out but I feel like I physically can’t. My room is on the second floor of my house and I can’t even make it halfway without needing to sit to take a few seconds to breathe. I can’t see my toes, let alone touch them and when I lay on my back now, I’m smothered in gross fatness. Please help me.
Reply from Madison, Age 19 - 01/11/21  - IP#:
Hey, I'm actually 11 but I'm very mature for my age, I just want some friends. I'm not attractive. But I hope we can get past looks and be good friends. I'm not overweight I'm just lonely, depressed and need someone to be there and I need unblocked chat websites for school Chromebook.
Reply from Jamie, Age 28 - 12/31/20  - IP#:
What do you enjoy about binging? If it's just the feeling of fullness, could you get the same satisfaction from binging on healthy foods?
As long as you can move, you can work out. Just stick to light exercises you're able to handle, it's better than nothing.
Reply from Elizabeth, Age 20 - 12/30/20  - IP#:
I weighed myself this morning and I gained 2 more pounds. I’ll be 300 but New Years:(