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Ht. 5'3", Start: 162 lb, Today: 160 lb (BMI: 28), Goal: 110 lb - Its official I have lost 30 lbs!! from Oct 30, 2015!! from 190- to 160 lbs!1 I'm so happy now I have lost some w.t. I'm only 16 lbs from wearing a size 8 in my jeans whoo!! yea!! 160 your back!!, now I want to get down to 150's!! I hope by April I 'll be 130!, size 7/8/ Junior's!! n.w. belt!!, being sick really stinks.,, ugh, I want to maintain it!! my BMI went from 33-34 to 28 finally!! I'm only four perscent of my BMI what is the beginning of what is condisered normal!!,. very happy!! 190's 180's 170's good bye, 163-162 -161 lbs goodbye 160 hello!! I'm only three lbs away from 157!!! I lose another five lbs I 'll be 39 in on my chest!!
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Thanks Mel sorry for not being able to respound to you sooner, some strange reason I was blocked, I don't know why?., I checked several times no dirty words on my posts,. it could been a glitch., but I'm back now,. I been getting over a severe mirgrain,. I just hope I didn't get any w.t. back that's scary.,, I wasn't eating very much last week,. recovering from being sick,. it doesn't make it rite,. don't do that,.
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Congrats!keep up the good work :)