From Savannah, Age 19 - 09/20/15 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'6", Start: 338 lb, Today: 341 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 150 lb - So I'm having a really hard time, I've gained some more weight! After graduating high school, I considered moving out. Unfortunatly, I didn't have enough money so I stayed home. Two years later im still here...and fatter than ever. I've been overweight since I was 12. My mom and dad got a divorce and my mom brought fast food home everyday. I gained so much weight my mom sent me to fat camp. It was devastating being around kids who were smaller than me, even at FAT CAMP I was fatter than everyone! After the summer was over, I went home and really tried to be healthy, but it didn't last. I gained more weight back than I started out! Now, I'm nineteen almost 350 pounds and living at home. I just don't know what to do! It seems like I'm gaining weight everyday. I'm getting bigger and bigger. I get rude looks everywhere I go! Does anyone have any advice?
Reply from Savannah, Age 20 - 10/21/15  - IP#:
Yesterday was my birthday! I'm 20! It's time to seriously lose some weight!
Reply from Jessica, Age 20 - 10/09/15  - IP#:
your welcome Savannah!! there re scales you can buy that go over 300+ lbs up to 480-500 ask your doctor what scales you can get for you to start tracking your w.t.!! hope you get better soon!!>
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Thanks for the advice! I'll try it. I am way over the 60 inches on the tape measure unfortunately...My belly is the biggest part of my body. I am currently going a doctor who specializes in major weight loss! She told me that I am putting my life at risk and that my weight has really gotten out of control. Which I already knew, I just didn't have enough self control to stop eating. My goal right now is to be able to measure my belly and thighs, and also be able to see the scale. I've put on three pounds in the last couple of's really gotten me down! But hopefully I'll get my body back to normal and be able to enjoy my 20's and not have to worry about my size!
Reply from Jessica, Age 20 - 09/23/15  - IP#:
Savannah,just remember you re special + beateafull. I d' recmmand you do small mini goals to get the w.t. off!!, like 348 or 347 lbs, you 've a lot more to w.t. to get off, u can do it!!< there re young woman our age group who manged to lose over 150 + 200 lbs,. I'm 3 inches shorter than you, ht. + w.t. charts,. it goes by chest size bone type + also depends on the family also, you can do this!! I know you can!!< lose a jean size u can lose a dress size you 've something u like to wear u can hang it in your closet, to inspire lose the un healthy fat., lose it is a good app! u can count calories the sodum + other stuff u 've to pay membership for that! they do contests, ,. I 'd start walking small steps, u 'll make it to your goal,. pro a couple years, the big is to get under 340's., trust me you want to enjoy the 20's being a healthy young woman,.! not have health issues,. trust me u don't want to get health issues or more of it or get worse,. take small steps., measure yourself,. tape measure only goes up to 60,. if your re over that its something to work towards!!<. as a starting point!! ting shoes can be difficult I saw my father struggle with that when he's was over 300 lbs , now he's under that!!<. I was once 195-196, lbs that's was scary I 'd be back up there if I don't stop sitting + laying in bed so much,. .,
if u want to go to 40 bust-chest that's a goal for you ok than,. there re people on here that understand what your going through,.