From Hannah, Age 10 - 03/30/12 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'5", Start: 155 lb, Today: 135 lb (BMI %tile: 93), Goal: 120 lb - I hate being overweight! All of the kids at my school are so skinny, and I feel left out. Whenever anyone plays something that requires running or whatever, they don't let me play because they say it is "To hard for you (me)". UGH!
Reply from rachel, Age 13 - 06/29/12  - IP#:
i feel the same way,im in the 7th grade(13 years old),and almost every girl in my class is under 100lbs. except me!
Reply from Jessica, Age 16 - 03/31/12  - IP#:
you lost 20 pounds Hannah!!! keep going don't give up!! thoses kids are just being mean what I do is I pratice running in my backyard or on the side walks, it helps me be prepared I am a runner !! running helps get my muscles ready !! you can do it!! find some real freinds who will let get in their actitves jump rope.