Here are posts from kids, who say they eat because they are sad, bored, stressed, lonely, depressed, angry, nervous, frustrated, or even when they feel happy. Some say they feel they are 'addicted' to foods. Here are three articles on comfort eating - 1, 2, 3 - and four videos:

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From L!nd$3y, Age 13 - 03/22/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I did bad today. B= reese's puffs, apple, milk L=stuffed pretzel S=10 cheeze its, like 20 chips, a cheesecake pudding thing D=suddenly salad I started pigging out cuz I just got depressed about my friend issues. Sometimes i feel like i feel like i dont fit in with the crowd.....
Reply from Kendra, Age 19 - 03/22/05  - IP#:

From L!nd$3y, Age 13 - 03/22/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I want to date, but I don't want to stop eating yummy food! Could someone help? I don't know what to do, but I can't give up chips and chocolate.
Reply from Hayley, Age 15 - 03/23/05  - IP#:
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From Anonymous, Age 17 - 03/21/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I have a major weight problem. Im 5'4 and weight 290. I started gaining weight when i was 8 and didn't really much like to think about it. Kids at school would comment on how fat i was or how HUGE i was. I think most of my eating disorder came from when i was a child. When I was younger, my mom worked nights, so during the day she would be asleep. On weekends she would be out partying or gambling (which i totally dislike), so as you can tell i didn't really spend much time with her...(Click here to see rest of message).
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From katie, Age 14 - 03/16/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
oh my gosh I really cant go on a diet! I've tried so hard but I cant do I love food too much to give it up!! I'm really in love with food though lol I'll be sitting in call THINKING about FOOD that is bad and I'll I do is eat and eat and eat. I am 5'6 140 pounds I really want to weigh 115 Because im tried of being so fat! does any one have any tips for me on how to stay on a diet? or a good diet
Reply from Hannah, Age 13 - 03/24/05  - IP#:
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From Ariel, Age 14 - 03/15/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hey guys i am 14 years old and i want to lose weight!! but for me i love to eat and i cant lay off the jubk food i try so hard and i do wrk out but its just what i am eat... please if any one has any ideas plez let me know!!! thanks and good luck to all!!
Reply from helen, Age 15 - 03/15/05  - IP#:

From Matt, Age 14 - 03/09/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi, I'm Matt, 14 on Sunday 13th March, and, over the past few years since my parents divorce, and with intense bulling in school, I have piled on weight gradually. I currently weigh in at 15stone 3lbs.I have started to take action today, with the aid of my friends, "A Diet Diary" where I write my thoughts and food intake, oh and of course, a pocket sized book that shows ALL FOOd and calorie levels.I'm eating a calorie controled diet, where I vow not to eat over 600kcals a day, and today, after several apples and water, I have little to no hunger!Is this it? Am I losing weight?Hmmm... I wonder. Can't wait to weigh.But at 12am last night, had mad 200kcal binge on milk. Eeek. But, have around 100 calorie points left for today. Only a few more hours.I hate exercise. But I think I could get into it easy enough.Help me, pleaseThanksMatt  (Note: 1 stone (st) equals 14 pounds.)
Reply from anne, Age 18 - 03/10/05  - IP#:
Reply from jenn, Age 12 - 03/09/05  - IP#:
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From Kendra, Age 19 - 03/09/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi guys! A little about me: Before I met my boyfriend, I lost about 15lbs ! I continued to lose weight while going out with him, but once he broke up with me, I gained 10lbs within a month. Now, every night, I still binge and cry...and I can't stop. I"m determined to make some lifestyle changes, though...but I'm in need of support. I wish to only lose the 10lbs, but I feel so hopeless. I've tried to diet many times, only to binge again. I feel so empty and unwanted all the time. I've looked around the site, and I think you guys are absolutely wonderful for helping eachother out! HOpe i can be part of this too. So how much have you guys lost so far, and what are your winning tips? When I lost weight in the past, I drank LOTS of water...thats my best advice!
Reply from anne, Age 18 - 03/09/05  - IP#:
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From Erin, Age 13 - 03/06/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hey i know that this is the reason we are here but, I HATE BEING OVERWEIGHT. I KNOW Y I AM 2 BECAUSE I CANT STOP EATING!!!!!!! Today i ate 2 whole bags of chips and one of those Ritz Chese packets. I dont know how to stop. I am 13,5'4" and now weigh 198. I get teased everyday and i think that makes me gain weight even more. Even this one girl who is 5'2" and has gained a lot of weight over the past few monthes who was big to begin with she is like 150 and is not even close to me. If u can believe it i used to weigh less then her. I have some good friends and they keep telling me how fat Jessica is getting but it doesn't make me feel any better. It actually hurts me more. So if someone could be so nice to give me weight loss tips for the stomach and face, and a way to help me stop eating so much. Please,post something!! THANKS
Reply from erika, Age 14 - 03/22/05  - IP#:
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From melina, Age 14 - 03/06/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
i already ate 2000 calories and i just cant stop eating i think were ordering pizza tonight so that will be 1000 more calories what should i do i want to be skinny so i could wear a bakini in the summer. i know this is totally of the topic but does any 1 heard of the all american rejects? they were a really great rock band and i was just wondering if any 1 knows if they split up cuz you dont hear any songs of theirs on the radio. if you know please let me know thanks
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From Grace, Age 15 - 03/05/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey guys, guess what! I've lost 13 lbs so far, from 163.5 to 150.5 (I'm 5'7 3/4'') Now I really am in the healthy weight zone, I was at risk for being overweight before. All I did was stop eating when I was bored, and fidget ALL the time. I bounced my legs, twisted in my seat, all the extra calories add up. That didn't replace my normal exercise though, just added on to it. Try fidgeting, its hard at first, but it becomes a habit and it really good. Good luck!
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From Hannah, Age 15 - 03/03/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ive been trying to go on a diet bet its not working! AT school I eat GREAT but after school I cant stop myself and im not even HUNGRY (its not b/c im bored either) I see something and imediatly pick it up and eat it without even thinking...Here I'll show you
Breakfast -Whole wheat bread and a teaspoon of honey with a yogurt
Lunch-salad wheat thins and an orange
after school- TWIX BAR! HOT POCKET, CHOCOLATE PUDDING and a handful(or two) of GARDETTOS
about 32oz. of water
I feel like crap
motivation? Advice
Reply from kels, Age 16 - 03/04/05  - IP#:
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From Richard, Age 16 - 02/28/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi Am Richard And I wEIGH 208 lb.s Pounds And I'm Olny 5'7 in hight, last year I Weighed Only 150 that means I've put on 50 pounds sincelast year. my best friend died last year and I Was so Upset that I would eat all time. by the summer I Weighed 181 lb.s and wasn't so Upset and Even siad To Myself It Come off. but it did'nt I Got Even fatterand fatter and now I Can't Even See Over My Gut. I'mSo Fat. and Wish Too lOSS tHE extra weight the 50 pounds on extra weight. anyone know a fast deit . tell me please
Reply from anne, Age 18 - 03/01/05  - IP#:

From katie, Age 17 - 02/27/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
so i WAS 5'6 and weighed 144 the last TWO weeks, bc of eating less and running and working out everyday, im now 5'6 and weigh 135.8!!! i have just started my ADD meds which is adderall so thats why i have been able to eat way makes me not have cravings for bad food and now yogurt and apples and other fruits are my fav foods...i havent had a fast food meal in TWO weeks and for me that is AMAZING bc i used to eat out at LEAST 4 days a week!! my goal weight is somewhere between 120-128 and i wanna be able to get there by may bc thats wen my boyfriend comes back from college to visit and i wanna look good!! wish me luck!
Reply from jenn, Age 12 - 02/27/05  - IP#:
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From helen, Age 15 - 02/23/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hey everyone my names helenim fifteen years old and im a sophmore in highschool (10th grade) i use to come to this website all the time and i lost a great deal of weight i was 170 in seventh grade and by the time eigth grade came around i was 116 and i kept that up for a whole year and a half but then over the summer from 9th to 10th i got really depressed and i have been grounded for a year and a half as well so that didnt help but it was my fault i got grounded any way now i way 134 and i would really like some motivation to lose it again also i have not gotten any taller since eigth grade so i know thats not the reason. all i know is i was really happy with my weight last year and i was less selfconcious then i am now so im hoping that you guys will give some input towards me and my situation and ill give you some regardless please help ~helen~
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From me, Age 13 - 02/15/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
what's a way i can like lose 20 pound buy summer (when school gets out and bikni season comes) because my mom bought this really really cute bikni for me when school started last year and then i tried it on and it looked tarrible because all my fat was hanging over and i gained like 30 pounds over this time because i have been depressed about my boyfriend and i breaking up and him still being my friend and i still like him but then he going out with another girl and him changing because of this girl and i need some help and adice (and a lot of it)
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