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From Alana, Age 14

Ht. 152 cm, Start: 92 kg, Today: 85 kg, Goal: 55 kg - Hey guys my names Alana! Im quite overweight, obese infact! i think it runs in the family to be honest! being a large weight has had an impact on most of my life, getting teased alot and always feeling alone. i used to eat non stop to comfort myself! my mom would order fastfood and chianese most nights cos it was my favourite! i never exercised at all and would sit on the sofa watching T.V, snacking most of the time. But now , im a changed person! i cut out fastfood from my diet and eat helthier. i only snack on fruit and veg and have started to exercise way more! i kno it probly seems hard , cos for me it was at first! i kept craving and loosing my breath when exercising but with determination, it helped me get through it:) in the past 4 months ive lost 7kg :)and plan to reach my goal weight! you guys can surely do it if i can:D! good luck!