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From Jessica, Age 15

Ht. 5'3", Start: 156 lb, Today: 156 lb, Goal: 120 lb - Im New here Jessica age 15 when I was little was very skinny through ten years old.. When I was 11 years old. I did not know I was geting overweight oops. I have been fighting this for three years now look I was 161 pounds now lost 5 pounds I use Thomas Edison as my model he never gave up I am not giving up either. I have not been made fun of for a while now thank goodness. When I am sad go outside instead of craveing on food I just started doing track almost two weeks a go. I am very exicted to reach my first weight!!!! I am 5"3 I feel bad for my sister and my niece I am very afraid that she could be obesty someday. I my sister to follow my example. I should not worry about it.. I horse back riding twice a week and do gym clas twice a weel alos,,,, I refushed to eat that candy my friend was trying to get me to eat it.. I said no many times thank goodness her mom step in and said stop I stood up. I am not an over eater anymore I thank the Lord Jesus for that. I am going to fight my overweight until it is gone. Boys at my chruch are very helpfull they dont laugh at me,, I do jokes when I am borad it is better then eating food. I ask myself does my tummy need more food? the anwser is no usually. I read the stories they heart breaking I feel bad for thoess teens who are a lot heaver then I am,,, I will keep up my posting about my weight and progess.