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From Megan, Age 15

Hi everyone my name is Megan Kinney!!! I love to eat...all day if i can, its what makes me happy, my daily meals consist of cereal, toast with peanut butter banana pepsi sometimes a hot pocket or two with that for breakfast. Then for lunch, i usually have chicken, chips, bread, pizza, chocalate cake, hohos, pasta, brownies and a salad with like a 2 liter, then for dinner i have pasta, pizza, loaf of garlic bread, ice cream, yogurt, potatoes, fries and then the rest of the chocolate cake with lots of chocalte syrup and icing. I walk a lot of school and sometimes i miss the bus at school so i have to run, so i get my exercise, why am i sooo fat, i weigh 310 lbs. and im only 15, how can i get down to a healthy weight. I hate looking bad and people making fun of me it really hurts my feelings, how can i get down to 130....PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!