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From Itzel, Age 13

Ht. 5'0", Start: 165 lb, Current: 190 lb, Goal: 118 lb - Have any of your Gym teachers made fun of you because your the slowest one in running? it happened to me today! we were running and my teacher said come on we want to loose weight or dowe want to be overweight like her? every one started to laugh i got so embaressed. then she said i'm just joking but should loose some weight. how rude am i right i got home and started fealling depressed and eating a whole bucket of ice cream with two bottels of soda and cookies.do you guys think that i will ever loose weight i dont think so i am just too lazy,fat,tired,and bord to make a big commitment like that.i love food so much that i can never let it go i think it is like my best friend!i constently think about it like what is for breakfast lunch and dinner and inetween meals i eat snacks all the time