BlubberBusters Tips from Lucy

Healthy Whole Grains

Eating more "whole grains" can help you lose weight. These foods help you feel full and can be low in calories. But what exactly are whole grains?

When food companies make their food recipes, they often have to chop their food up into very small pieces. The small pieces help food taste a certain way. It also keeps it fresh. The foods that are more chopped up - or "processed" - may not be as healthy for your body.

Whole grains are kept in bigger pieces - they are whole!  It can be hard to tell if a food is really a whole grain by its label or a commercial on TV.  Lucy recommends checking the Nutrition Facts label on the product.  Look under Dietary Fiber. The higher the number there the better!  Try to add one whole grain food to every meal.

                   Some to try:

Whole wheat bread with 3 grams of fiber like Whitewheat Bread.

Whole wheat and reduced fat crackers with 4 grams of fiber like Reduced Fat Triscuits.

fat or fat free popcorn

Brown rice

High fiber cereals with at least 5 grams of fiber like raisin bran.

Make this a healthy week!


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