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How do you deal with parties?

5. Fill up on the veggies offered at your holiday buffets.
4. Take a walk after your holiday meal.
3. Eat only at meal or snack times. Make sure you don't just snack all day long!
2. Fill up your plate only once with only the stuff you really like!
1. Let yourself indulge on your holiday! It is okay to have dessert on special days. Just make sure you don't carry the holiday by overeating over the next couple days!
From sk8ergirl, Age 16 - 3/20/08 - IP#:  
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Ht. 5'2", Start: 221 lb, Current: 186 lb, Goal: 160 lb - Today is my birthday party and there is giong to be a lot of food. I dont know what to do! I need to eat my own cake though! Its a skateboard cake! UGHHH I need advice because I have no time to exercise today. This party is going to take forever to get ready for. I am excited though! I just dont want to gain any weight! ughhhh!
Reply from meg, Age 15 - 3/20/08 - IP#:

If you tend to eat for comfort or when you are stressed, and you get nervous at parties, you may find yourself mindlessly munching on chips, nuts, candy,

From Lynn, Age --, female - 3/14/01 
I teach teenagers about health and nutrition. Your advice about cutting the food in half is excellent. That is something that a teenager (or anyone, for that fact) can do easily without giving much thought to planning or preparation. A person can eat the same things that others are eating and not be embarrassed about eating "diet" food or feel left out by not eating at all. Soon, new habits are formed and a person doesn't even miss the extra food(calories). I know this is true, because this is exactly the way that I have lost about 20 pounds. Keep up the good work, Mr. Wizard!

You listen to yourself all day. Tell yourself you can do something and believe it is true. You are your toughest critic. Did you know what we think people are thinking about us is usually negative and not true, mostly teen_smilingbecause other people are thinking about stuff going on with them. Trying to figure out what other people “think” about you is like trying to read their minds.

Practice positive self-talk everyday with everything you do!

Make this a healthy week!

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