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You Are What You Think?

You diet...then fail. You exercise...then fail. You try again...then fail. Sometimes it may seem like you will never get the weight off.

Losing weight is tough. And, it is really tough on your brain. When the numbers are not moving on the scale, it may seem like you are messing up. The only thing you are probably messing up is thinking that you are messing up...make sense? Thinking negative thoughts about your weight loss maybe the reason the scale is not moving. Read on for the 411:

  1. You can get a 100% on a spelling test but a person cannot get 100% on eating or exercise. There is no such thing of a "perfect eater" so do not think you have to be one to be successful at losing weight. Making a change, no matter how big or small, gets your body healthier. Every great journey starts with one step. What will be your first step to healthier thinking?

  2. In psychology (or the science for the way we think and act), there is a idea called "self-fulfilling prophecy." This means if a person thinks something about himself, it probably will happen. So, if you believe you will get through the mile in PE without stopping, you probably will. If you do not think you will get through the mile without stopping, you probably will not. If you think your next try at losing weight will be a success, then it will. If you think you will will fail. The choice is yours. Really!

  3. Athletes often think about themselves scoring a goal or winning the race. This helps them believe in themselves. By believing, they win! This is the power of positive thinking. Visualize yourself choosing healthy foods. Visualize yourself exercising. Think positive thoughts about your efforts. They will come true!

  4. Whenever you hear yourself thinking a negative thought about yourself or your weight loss efforts, yell STOP! Try replacing this negative thought with a positive one. Pick from some of these choices below. Or, choose one of your own.

I believe I can do it! I can eat healthier and I will lose weight!

The other times I tried to lose weight may not have worked. This time will be different because I am thinking positive and doing it the healthy way!

I love myself and that is why I will fill my body with healthy food and exercise!

I am strong and I believe in myself!
I will choose to eat healthy today!

Make this a healthy week!

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