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Can Music Makers Make Weight Move Off?

Did you know that learning how to play music can help you lose weight!?! How so you ask? Learning to play music can help your mind and body. Read on to learn more of the benefits.

Less Stress
We all know that stress can make us eat. Many kids and teens say that when they have a tough day, they run to the fridge. What if you ran to your guitar instead? Research suggests that playing a musical instrument can help you relax. The music seems to make the stress to go away. Some studies suggest that music helps to change a person's mood. So, if you are stressed or sad, playing a musical instrument may make you happier!

More Self Esteem
Being overweight is really tough. It is hard looking and feeling different from everyone else. Some large kids and teens have found a way to make it easier. Taking a group music class or joining an after school music club helps many kids and teens feel better about themselves. The time with others can help you get to know more people. They will get to know you outside of your body size. They can get to know you, the person! Making new friends can help you feel better about yourself. Also, learning your first song can be a big success. It can make you feel so good about yourself!

Bye Bye to Boredom
Most kids and teens say they overeat when they are bored. Playing a musical instrument can keep you from being bored. There is music to read and notes to play. This keeps a persons mind and hands busy. It is really hard to eat when playing an instrument.

Make this a healthy week!

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