BlubberBusters Tips from Lucy

Setting Yourself Up for Success

Have you failed diets before? Failed too many to count? Let's make this time around different! Follow these tips to help you FINALLY make it to your goals.

1. Think Positive!

Stop the name calling. Many kids and teens call themselves fat, lazy, or stupid. This does not help your weight loss efforts! The more you say them (out loud or think them), the harder it will be to lose weight. Instead, become a FRIEND to yourself. Compliment yourself. Encourage yourself. Leave yourself reminders of how cool you really are!


2. Set Yourself Up to Win

Many kids and teens try to lose lots of weight fast. Let's try something new. This time, pick a few changes you would like to change about your eating. And, choose things you know you CAN change! Here's an example of the old way and the new way: Your old self would cut your calories to 1200 or less per day and make a goal to work out for 2 hours per day. These goals lasted only a few days. The new you plans to cut your Mountain Dew consumption from 3 per day to 1 per day. You also plan to go walking 10 minutes per day. Which sounds like a plan you can stick with? New You wins every time! And, over time the New You gets to the healthy weight.


3. Be Kind During the Tough Times

Being overweight can be tough. Clothes do not always seem to fit. No one else seems to look like you. And, friends sometimes act like enemies. Looking and feeling different can make many kids and teens sad or lonely. Sometimes, this leads them to eat. If this happens to you, please be kind to yourself (see #1 if you have forgot already)! Sometimes, the food and exercise plans do not happen. Sometimes, you may not lose weight. No one is a "perfect" eater or exerciser, so do not think you have to be too. After overeating, do the next right thing. Try not to think negative thoughts about it. Remind yourself that you are indeed human. You will make mistakes. These mistakes do not have to keep you from being the healthy you.


4. Be Patient!

Quick weight loss diets and products are everywhere! They seem to make weight loss look so quick and easy. There are many of these diets and products because none of them work. Do not believe what they tell you! Real healthy weight loss takes time. A lot of time. Think positive and take it one day at a time. Check out the Success Stories on this website. There you will learn about many kids and teens who have lost weight. They did it by being patient and making small changes. I know you can too!


5. Seek Support!

If you are having a tough day or you do not know what you need to change with your eating, the bulletin boards and chat room can help! Chat with other kids and teens going through the same thing as you! They get teased just like you. And they are trying to not eat whenever they get bored after school. Coming by and getting to know the other kids and teens can really help you motivate yourself...and others too!

Make this a healthy week!

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Please ask your healthcare provider if these tips are right for you and please read our disclaimer.

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