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Turkey Day Tools!

Thanksgiving Day is here! The day brings family time and warmth. It also brings food! Yum! The day has it usual turkey. It also may have some of your family favorites. Read through these tips. They may help you keep the day a healthy one.

  1. Do not starve all day long to prepare for the big meal. This hurts your body. It probably will not help you eat less. You may have a smaller breakfast or other meal. Just make sure you don't skip them altogether.

  2. Try to balance your Thanksgiving plate. Try to fill up most your plate with veggies and fruit. Pick one starch for your plate (like potatoes or a roll). Have a "deck of cards" size of turkey. Use a small amount of fats like butter or gravy.

  3. Eat your meal slowly. Listen to what everyone is talking about. Join in the conversation. This will help you slow down your meal. Make sure you remember to stop eating when you feel full. Remember, there will be leftovers. You do not have to have all the good food now.

  4. Pick only the things you like to eat. It may sound silly. Eat only the foods you enjoy. Do not get stuffed on cranberry sauce if you do not like it!

  5. If you like everything to choose from, try to pick really small portions of each. Try to put a bite or two on your plate of all the different foods. This will give you the taste without getting too many calories.

  6. Fill up your plate once. Do not have another helping until it is a "leftover." This means that it is another meal.

  7. Choose the white meat of the turkey. Also, ask for the pieces without skin. Try to skip the gravy or use very little.

  8. Be active! Ask your family to go on a walk after the meal. Challenge your brother or sister to a football game. Get your body moving. Get your heart beating faster.

  9. Let yourself choose a high calorie food on your holiday! It is okay to have dessert on special days. Just make sure you don't carry the holiday by overeating over the next couple days!

  10. Don't forget to serve yourself thanksgiving dinner on a smaller plate! I will if you will!

  11. Be thankful! You have worked hard to make your body healthier. Your body is stronger from all your hard work!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Make this a healthy week!

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Please ask your healthcare provider if these tips are right for you and please read our disclaimer.

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