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Weight Loss Reality

Have you seen the NBC reality show, The Biggest Loser? In the show, people work really hard to lose weight. They eat a whole lot less. They exercise all day long. Every week, they weigh themselves. The person who loses the most is called the Biggest Loser.

Each week, the people on the show lose 10, 15 or even 20 pounds. Wow! Many overweight kids and teens watch this show. Many kids and teens think they will lose that much weight too. When they do not lose as much, many think they fail. This is wrong! Consider these weight loss reality checks:

  • Losing weight takes time. Most people cannot lose 10 or more pounds in a week.

  • The people on the show work out all day long. They have a trainer with them most of the day. Most people cannot have this.

  • Adults can usually lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. Kids and teens may not lose as much. Since kids and teens are still growing, losing weight is even harder!

  • Many kids and teens trying to live healthier end up staying at the same weight. This helps stop the weight gain. Their bodies get healthier as they grow taller.

  • Some kids and teens can lose 1 pound per month. Others can lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. Chat with your doctor or dietitian. They can help you make a plan. In this plan you can include how quickly you want to lose weight.

  • You may have a goal weight. Many kids and teens want to get to their goal weight by a certain time. Some want to get there by Christmas. Others say they want to get healthier by prom. Having a goal is great. Be sure to remember that weight loss is a journey. Take it one day at a time. It takes lots of time. Be sure to give yourself enough time.

  • Losing weight is hard work. And, it is good work. Believe in yourself and you will get there!

Make this a healthy week!

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