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On the Road Again...

Making Smart Choices While Traveling This Summer

Many people decide to travel to new distant lands or old favorite familiar ones over the summer. Summer travel by car or plane can make healthy eating a challenge. Here are some hints to help make better choices during your summer adventures:

1.) Fast Food Stops

When going on long road trips, sometimes fast food is the only choice. First, be prepared with your choice before you step into the restaurant. The aroma of French fries is powerful enough to convince anyone to purchase them! Consider some of these menu choices:

  • A kids meal with a diet drink at most fast food places (McDonalds, Burger King, ChickFilA, Wendy's, etc.) runs about 400 to 600 calories. This is a pretty good range for a fast food meal. And, that even includes the French fries!

  • Many fast food joints offer different sides besides French fries that are much lower in calories. Try picking a plain hamburger or cheeseburger with a salad, baked potato, fruit, or chili instead of fries! You will feel fuller and healthier for making that decision.

  • Skip super sizing anything! Also, pick the smallest meat sandwich like the Junior Hamburger at Wendy's instead of the double or triple sized sandwich.

  • Fish and chicken sound healthy yet sometimes the fish or chicken choices are higher in calories compared to the burgers. Ask the cashier for a copy of the nutrition guide. It may also be posted in the restaurant or on their website.

2.) Airports

Many airports these days have increased the number of restaurants. This can help you eat healthier. Some things to consider:

  • For breakfast, skip the muffins or pastries. Many airports have yogurt, low fat milk, and fruit available. Even more, you can grab these and go!

  • Grab fresh fruit or dry roasted peanuts to snack on instead of crackers, candy, or fancy coffee drinks.

  • Lots of airports have deli's where you can make your own sandwich. Pick lean meats or cheese without mayo. Ask for available sides besides potato chips or fries. Many carry foods like carrot sticks or salads.

  • Stay hydrated while you are flying. Flying can make your body more dehydrated. Drinking lots of water and other zero calorie drinks will keep you feeling full and healthy.

  • If your airport has only fast food places to eat, consider the suggestions from above.

3.) Plan ahead!

To avoid long lines or extra stops, consider bringing along your favorite food from home while driving in the car. Pack a small cooler. Put bottled water, cut carrots or other veggies, lean deli meat, and fruit in it. Bring along a pack of pita bread or whole wheat bread. With these tools, you can make your own sandwiches and have plenty of snacks. Also you maybe able to restock your supplies at convenience stores, gas stations, and discount retailers like Walmart or Target while on the road.

Wherever you travel this season...across the country or down the safe and be healthy! And, have fun!

Make this a healthy week!

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