BlubberBusters Tips from Lucy

Smart Label Reading 

Most foods in the United States use a food label to help show you what is in it. This can be a great tool to help you choose healthier foods. It can also be confusing. Read on to make the most of your label reading success:

*   First, check out the serving size. This will help you figure out how much nutrition is in the whole package. For example, the label on the right says a serving size is 1/2 cup. Eating the whole package would give you 4 servings not one!

*   Next, check out the calories. To help lose weight, choose products lowest in calories. The product on the right has 90 calories. Also, remember that the serving size is important when figuring out the calories. If you chose to eat all of this container's food, you would be getting 360 calories:

    (90 calories x 4 servings = 360 calories).

*   Many people check out the % Daily Value on the right side of the label. These values are for someone who may or may not be getting the same amount of nutrition as you. Do not spend as much time reading these.

*   Many people, who are trying to lose weight, have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Be sure to check with your doctor or dietitian to see what else you should look at on the label to stay healthy.

*   Lastly, look at what the food is GIVING you! Pick foods packed with vitamins like A & C or minerals like Calcium & Iron. Or, pick foods high in fiber. The food label will help direct you to pick foods that are more nutrient dense!

Make this a healthy week!

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