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Fruit: The Original Fast Food

New recommendations suggests we eat a combination of 9 to 13 servings of fruit and vegetables per day. With all of the foods we are told NOT to eat to lose weight, keep in my mind the foods we should eat MORE of...fruits!

Fruits are important to eat because they are backed with lots of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other fantastic nutrients that keep us healthy. Also, they are really low in calories. Eating more foods that are low in calories can help us feel full while losing weight!

Here are some ways to include more fruits in your day:

* Eat fruit as snacks everyday. This will give you energy to get through the day!
* Always pick a fruit if you buy lunch at school. Pick the fruit instead of other side items like fries and chips.
* If you are running late in the morning, grab a banana or apple. No spoons or forks needed. They even come in their own edible packaging! They are the original fast food!
* Pick a new fruit to buy and try every week. Ever try jicama? or an Asian pear? Experiment with fruits and you will experience new flavors!
* For dessert, chop up some strawberries or other berries with a couple of tablespoons low calorie whip cream. Yum!
* Eat the fruit instead of drinking the juice. You will feel fuller and get more nutrients!
*When fruit is hard to come by, get fruits canned in their own juice. One to try is Dole's pineapple found in clear plastic containers.


Make this a healthy week!

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Please ask your healthcare provider if these tips are right for you and please read our disclaimer.

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