What is your opinion of the GOAL SETTING tip?

Age 10,female,52,150 lbs,I have no opinion - i don't know what to do about my weight and i HATE to exercise its my worst enemy. :(

Age 13,female,5"2,175 lbs,I like this tip - I always feel fat. It's doesn't bother me very much but sometimes I sit down and cry about it. Some people call me fat sometimes and its hurts. Even my family has called me fat and I totally believe them. This makes it very hard for me to eat in front of people or anything of the sort. I am worried that because of this boys will never like me. I barley eat outside of home. I've always tried to diet but I end up giving up cuz I don't have the will power. I wish I did but I don't I've literally lost all my hope. That this is what I'm gonna be forever. And I hate my body I wish I didn't have it. Sometimes it make me think about cutting but I don't because it's stupid. Idk what to do anymore I've givien up all together and I'm just gonna hate myself forever

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