What is your opinion of the Conquer Your Food Addiction tip?

Age 13,female,5'0",136 lbs,I like this tip - I keep gaining weight what should i do?

Age 12,female,5'2,160 lbs,I like this tip - helpful

Age 18,female,5'6",217 lbs,I like this tip - This is so true tho

Age 14,female,5,148 lbs,I like this tip - This is very helpful. Thanks!

Age 12,female,5'6",156 lbs,I like this tip - thank you

Age 13,female,51,113 lbs,I like this tip - i always eat,and eat. i will try not to snack but yesterday i only at pizza rolls for dinner and i had a head ace all day and i was itchey.

Age 13,male,51,120 lbs,I like this tip - i will try it. i just thought i had a high matoblism

Age 10,female,45,,I like this tip - Thanx very much i always wondered y my legs were sore but now I know why thanx 4 the good advice

Age 70,female,5'3",170 lbs,I like this tip - the best tips I have seen about this topic

male,,I don't like this tip - You know what, I'm very much icnlined to agree.

Age 29,female,12,70 kgs,I like this tip - I feel like I need more information eg:proposed meal plan

Age 11,female,4'8",82 lbs,I like this tip - This was a really good tip for me! It helped me alot! Thanks so much!

Age 15,female,5'3,162 lbs,I like this tip - I broke the food addiction on January 1, 2011 this year!!!. I think all preteens and teens should do the same...

Age 15,5"3,162,I like this tip - I think this tip is a good idea to think about.

Age 16,female,5"1,185 kgs,I like this tip - its really good idea like maybe even try and control 1 meal at a time like maybe even snacks which i have 2 do so i wil try thanks for the tip :)

Age 12,female,5'1,148 lbs,I like this tip - The dirty toilet thing doesn't work for me. But, I live on an island and I imagine myself FINALLY wearing a two piece. I'm on Weight Watchers and it's working great. I've already lost 5 lbs. in 2 weeks. Wish me luck! My goal is 125 lbs.

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