Other reasons/comments the number of overweight kids has stopped increasing.

Age 16, male, 6’3”, 324 lbs - Honestly, no. The people at my school (especially the guys) seem to be getting fatter and fatter every year, probably bc of all the fast food we get daily. Over a third of the people in my class are obese!! Even my homeroom teacher is really fat, he’s easily over 400 pounds! It’s hard to get motivated to lose weight while everyone around you is also fat.

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Age WpmfxnCw, male, 8MpL4eskco9k, 9JIJ8yUufjdM lbs - about me that until Breaking Dawn I liked Jacob a lot better than Edward. Frsimdihep-ronance is my fav, though, and the Brooding Gothic Hero made Safe and Cuddly is just too improbable for me.

Age 15, male, 5"3, 162 lbs - This tip makes us think before we eat something healthy or sit around and do nothing.

Age 12, female, 5, 186 lbs - I think its sad our world is turning into fat.

Age 12, male, 5', 209 lbs - One third of the students at my school are midway fat and one eighth (including me) are SUPER FAT!!!!!

Age 18, female, 5'2, 122 lbs - i still see lots of overweight children wherever i go and it will not stop

Age 15, female, 5'6, 260 lbs - People stilll lovre to eat, the more overweight people the better!

Age 12, female, 5"4, 173 lbs - most middle schools have fatty foods

Age 14, male, 5'4, 178 lbs - Because there can only be so many fat people. It's stagnant

Age 11, female, 5'5, 235 lbs - IM VERY FAT

Age 14, female, 5'4", 149 lbs - because we are so selfconcious and all we see is skinny so we have little girls starving themselves and making themselves throwup just to shed a few pounds i am not sure it is a good thing

Age 11, female, 5,3.5, 120 lbs - no,kids are still picking unheathly happits.

Age 13, female, 5'4'', 167 lbs - All of these stupid magazines are showing stars who are half the weight they're supposed to be! All these products and clothes are for people with super-slim and tall 1bodies. It sucks.

Age 10, male, 4'11, 176 lbs - I think most kids today are fat, at least my friends

Age 15, female, 5'3, 139 lbs - maybe those teens have become adults .. and maybe teens dont want to end up like there parents

Age 10, female, 5'2", 139.4 lbs - I think when one kid loses weight another gains.

Age 15, male, 5'11", 283 lbs - These days, it is a lot easier for children to become overweight. Eating a salad every now and then won't stop the childhood obesity epidemic.

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