What is the main thing you need to do in order to lose weight?

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Age 18, female, 5'2, 122 lbs - stop eating junkfood, and soda and eat lts of fruit and vegetable

Age 18, female, 5'2, 135 lbs - kids who are fat should, stop eating so much, and exersise, kids have problems loosing weight because their addicted to food,they might have an emotional problem, and rely on food. but anything can be possible, if you just try, so you can live a better life, and won't get picked at. so people that called you fat can admire you,and respect you. but most of all so you can be healthy, have a better self esteem, better self confidence, and just beeyour self. believe me life is much better now that i lost 45 pounds.

Age 17, female, 5'2, 172 lbs - lyposecion,i'm thinking abou it, and i have enough money

Age 12, female, 5' 1'', 108 lbs - Cut down on stress and get more sleep.

Age 10, female, 4 11, 115 lbs - if you are fat like me why not gain weight if you want to

Age 19, female, 178, 140 kgs - get thyroxine, liposuction or gastric bypass surgery

Age 15, female, 5'2, 80 kgs - stop snacking!!!!!!! thats my biggest downfall!

Age 11, female, 4'5, 71 lbs - You could cut down on the junk and sugar. You could run for 20-30 minutes a day.

Age 14, male, 5, 7 1/2 in, 146 lbs - hi

Age 11, female, 5'6", 162 lbs - For me anyways, I love food!

Age 13, female, 5'0", 110.0 lbs - none of these were wat i was thinking of but not ok

Age 12, female, 1.45, 42 kgs - all of them really

Age 13, male, 5'3, 162 lbs - I'm fine with my weight and wouldn't really care if I gain more cause my friends and every 1 at school is cool about my weight.

Age 16, female, 5'7", 289 lbs - It's really the only way to go if you want to lose a substantial amount of weight in a reasonable amount of time.

Age 11, female, 5, 135 lbs - i just started but i can't wait

Age 13, female, 5ft3inch, 156 lbs - help me lose weight please !!

Age 15, male, 5'4, 125 lbs - Eat Healthy, work out, and do not stress out and do things that will relax you. Ex, taking a warm bath.

Age 9, female, 5, 654 kgs - im to fat

Age 11, female, 4 '9', 77 lbs - I think the most important thing is to remember that you want to becaome thin (but not to thin) and healthly. Ways that you can loose weight. 1. join school sports. I joined my school sports and by the end of the season i lost 20 pounds and if you think about it when you ate you gained more weight so you really loose more than what you think you did. 2. Exercise daily. You can lift weigths, do pushups, ride your bike, practice a sport, walk/run/jogg around the block. 3. Loose weight while doing a hobbie. If you like to dance, than DANCE for about 15-20 min a day. You'll feel energized, happy, and ready to do anything. 4. Healthy eating. find out what the low calories and healthy foods are. before you buy/eat a snack look at the box/label to see if it is the right amount of calories for you. 5. Drinks. Cut down on the sodas. even though they make you feel full so you don't eat anything for a while, soda is very addicting. Once you get one can you can't stop. So try to drink water/flavered water. But a pack from the store where you just pour it into the water and shake it up. 6. Deserts. Try not to eat donuts, chocolate cake, pie, ice cream,candy or any type of sweets. only treat yourself at special occasions or once a month. Occasions such as birthdays, christmas, weddings, Easter, Thanksgiving, baby shower. By doing all of this, i lost alot of weight

Age 13, female, 4.11, 122 lbs - you should do a poll every week instead of month.

Age 15, female, 5'2", 450 lbs - I LOVE MY FAT

Age 15, female, 5'6", 132 lbs - When you are trying to lose weight it is great to feel hungry if you start eating healthy balanced meals. Your stomach is like "heyyy where's all the treats?" & you are losing weight! It is simple. Eat to live, don't live to eat. Food is just fuel we use to live. Garbage in, garbage out.

Age 12, female, 5' 7, 150 lbs - ask a parent or family member for help

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