If you're overweight, when you buy clothes, what size should you buy?

Age 11, female, 5'8, 172 lbs - I usually get loose sizes because I'll just keep get fatter and eventually fill them.

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Age 16, male, 186, 112 kgs - I always need to buy a size that is too small for me. This is because my actual size is almost never available or is very expensive. So my shirts are always too tight which is very unpleasent beacause when I sit my shirt often is too short and then shows a bit of my stomach. Also because it's too tight my bodyrolls and man boobs are very visable.

Age 16, female, 5'3, 347 lbs - i tend to buy my cloths in bigger sizes to hide my weight and if i gain weight they will still fit me

Age 11, female, 5'1, 5'1 lbs - I am getting too big for girls clothes at jcp, Macy's , kohls, and other places ... But I am fitting in target clothes though ... I have to buy the biggest size for shirts and for pants I have to get a 14 plus and then when I go to juniors the sizes are for like sticks so then my belly shows badly through shirts now...

Age 11, female, 5'1, 5'1 lbs - I am getting too big for girls clothes at jcp, Macy's , kohls, and other places ... But I am fitting in target clothes though ... I have to buy the biggest size for shirts and for pants I have to get a 14 plus and then when I go to juniors the sizes are for like sticks so then my belly shows badly through shirts now...

Age 15, female, 5'3, 162 lbs - Buy a clothing item like a dress if you a gilr gilry like me. If you have want to wear it if cant that might make you want to lose weight I think this a very good tip. We should think about clothing sizes.

Age 11, female, 5' 2", 34 kgs - I am 11 and tall for my age. I wear size 14 kids but i am too thin for the pants. I have to wear 14 slim. I dont have that much choice in pants.

Age 11, male, 5 ft., 112 lbs - I wear an XL, about to go into an XXL. Is that too large?

Age 14, female, 5'5, 115 lbs - If you buy a clothing size too big, it actually makes you look bigger than you really are. And if you buy a tighter size, then what happens if you don't reach your goal for some reason? You'll have wasted your money. Just wait until you get there at your goal weight, THEN go out and buy the smaller clothes. For now, keep buying things your size.

Age 12, male, 4"6", 154 lbs - If you but baggy clothes people don't see you are fat

Age 14, male, 68, 162 lbs - My school clothes are always tight

Age 14, male, 6,0, 230 lbs - i like being fat

Age 17, female, 5'2, 156 lbs - i wear clothes that are my size, becausee if i buy big loose clothes i look fat

Age 13, female, 159 cm, 87 kgs - If you're still growing up you might want to buy bigger clothes so they last longer.

Age 12, female, 5'4, 181 lbs - I like tight clothes... they feel good... and they are also perfect to look forward to as a goal.

Age 14, female, 5'1, 116 lbs - yup but iam not overweight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Age 11, female, 4'9, 89 lbs - I think that just because you may not have alot of friends or any friends that doesn't mean you are a bad person.

Age 13, female, 5'3, 210 lbs - i'm a size 18 but i buy size 22 so i can gain weight and no one will notice

Age 16, female, 5'7", 289 lbs - I want to look good while I'm losing weight...just don't buy a ton of stuff.

Age 19, female, 5'2, 266 lbs - Whenever i buy clothes that do fit me, i grow out of them in less than a month. i'm just a fat girl.

Age 14, male, 6'0, 280 lbs - I usually choose a looser size, because I know that I'm gonna grow into it fast, and it gives a longer time before I have to buy bigger clothes.

Age 91, female, 55, 921 kgs - I DONTWANT TO BE A FATTY

Age 19, female, 5"3, 203 lbs - If I get a size too big i feel like im loosing weight

Age 13, female, 5'7'', 198 lbs - I always buy baggy clothing and sweatshirts and stuff becuase I thought it would make me look less heavy. I now know that it just makes you look heavier, but I can't find s certain style that fits me right all over, like over the stomach, but isn't too long, ect.

Age 16, female, 5', 176 lbs - When you buy the exact size, you know that if they feel looser, it is definitely because you lost weight, as opposed to buying looser pants and only feeling as if you may have lost weight.

Age 16, male, 5 foot 8, 227 lbs - looser size they are loose in the beginning, but u grow into them usually

Age 13, female, 5'0, 189 lbs - so i can gain more weight and it dont matter

Age 15, female, 5'5, 155 lbs - ...im verrrrrrr overweight. like 50 pounds.. welll i am. cuz i wanna be a model.

Age 12, female, 5'0, 108 lbs - I think you should get loser clothes so when you see yourself in the mirrow you won't be so down. Also It is good when your working on your weight and you don't have to show it.

Age 11, female, 4'3, 140 lbs - i have a

Age 10, female, 140, 5-2 lbs - why do kids become over weight and how i a kids usually size

Age 17, female, 5'4", 142 lbs - Its hard to find clothes that fit, and sometimes only the smaller clothes are available and you have to make do with what is in the store.

Age 12, female, 5'1'', 110 lbs - i ometimes buy tighter size soo boys can look at my bigg butt!! and it works

Age 12, female, 5ft, 200 lbs - i have to get a looser size because i cant aford to buy bloth every time i eat an extra cheeseburger

Age 8, female, 4'10, 117 lbs - I think you should be happy with your body but still respect it and lose more weight.

Age 14, female, 5'5", 192 lbs - I would buy a looser size, so that whenever they get tight, I know that I am gaining weight.

Age 14, female, 162, 544 kgs - i fink i am fat and im not joking

Age 14, female, 5'3, 180 lbs - I'm buying smaller sizes and wear my bigger sizes until I can fit. It saves money and I feel great when I can wear my new clothes.

Age 11, female, 5'5", 160 lbs - I like getting bigger sizes sometimes just so it is super comfy.

Age 16, female, 5'7", 195 lbs - If you are overweight, you might as well work with what you've got right now. Wearing tighter or looser clothing makes you LOOK bigger than you are, so just aim to flatter your current body type.

Age 15, female, 5'6", 11111111 lbs - You just shouldn't buy any clothes untill you reach your goal weight!

Age 13, female, 5ft. 5", S: 184 N: 166.4 G:150 lbs - Buy clothes that fit you right now. Buy only one shirt in a smaller size for motivation maybe, but if you wear stuff too smal it won't look good or make you feel confident!

Age 13, female, 5'4, 198 lbs - I think extra baggy makes you look bigger, but too tight makes you look bigger also. Your exact size looks fine.

Age 16, female, 5, 512 lbs - FATTY

Age 13, female, 5'6, 210 lbs - A looser size, so when I gain weight it will still fit.

Age 14, male, 5'5, 255 lbs - i wear loser clothes so ppl cant se how fat i am really is

Age 18, male, 5ft5, 269 lbs - I go for a looser size because I'm currently gaining weight, as hard as I try to stop. Looser sizes mean I can get away with wearing it for longer. (I used to wear exact but having gone through 2 of them in a few months I realized this was the better choice until I can get my weight back under control)

Age 17, female, 5'5, 204.5 lbs - i go for the exact size but i also try on the smaller size first just to remind my self and to see how close i'm getting but i'm the one who trys on two sizes the one i want to fit and the one i know i can fit

Age 12, male, 5'3, 103 lbs - I not overweight

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