How satisfied are you with yourself and your life?

Age 7, male, 119 cm, 87 kgs - i love to eat! it's my favorite thing to do. and because my parents always give me huuuuge meals, i'm always busy doing my favorite thing! today i ate 11 xxl pizzas for example. i also reeeeeeeallly like being fat!

Age DqQjDF4J, female, OrPeuiInQ, kz9ezGOQf kgs - Wonderful work! This is the kind of info that are supposed to be shared across the web. Disgrace on Google for not ponnsiotiig this publish higher! Come on over and seek advice from my site . Thanks =)

Age yiBGciIsd, male, z8vHd5eo2IKB, U407S2KZ lbs - I'm imssepred. You've really raised the bar with that.

Age 25, female, 5'5", 136.6 lbs - Dissatisfied - but I caused myself to feel this way, and I will change it.

Age 12, male, 5'2, 147.8 lbs - I've always been the biggest child in each and every one of my classes going through life, I think that it's about time to start loosing all the weight that I don't need.

Age 19, male, 5'7", 280 lbs - I would feel better if I weighed less though.

Age 15, female, 5'2", 110 lbs - I HATE everything............

Age 11, female, 49, 139 lbs - She does not look happy

Age 16, female, 5'7", 187 lbs - Suicidal as well

Age 11, female, 5'5, 200 lbs - i want to lose weight

Age 14, female, 5'6", 180 lbs - I feel like my life is passing me by.

Age 15, female, 5"3, 162 lbs - I dilike my weight, I would like to be thiner and healthier too. That my goal, We all can do, we all have the ablity to do, stop making exccess, I quited my excess. Enough of guys, do something, I dislike my weight and life, I want a healthy weight and life, I daydream everyday that I lost 45 ppounds. Some of us who want to lose weight, excrise, and get moving, and get off the couch. Eat less junk food and healthy food. Too apples, help, Grapefuirt, is my favorite furit and I want to lose weight, and find clothes easier, and quicker too. Drink water.

Age 13, female, 5"4, 220 lbs - Ive been obese my whole life. Once at a museum at school, some random kids put his hands aroud his belly, ( to mimic my fat) and followed me around with elephant steps. noone told me until we left. No teacher even stopped him!

Age 14, female, 5'5, 119 lbs - My life isn't horrible, but it's not amazing either :)

Age 14, male, 6,0, 230 lbs - i like being fat

Age 13, female, 159 cm, 219 lbs - Im okay with being fat and all my friends are fat too. Were all pretty happy, noone makes fun of us for being fat

Age 13, female, 52, 113 lbs - I am happy with my weight, hieght and who I am

Age 16, female, 5'8, 178 lbs - HELP I'M FAT

Age 11, female, 4'9, 89 lbs - I always hear my parents fight.It makes me sad.

Age 12, female, 5'7, 250 lbs - i am very satisfied cause i lost 50 lbs

Age 14, female, 5'7", 280 lbs - I have clinical depression so I guess that qualifys me as very dissatified.

Age 11 im in 6th, female, 4'10 shorty here, 87 lbs - why does every1 want to GAIN weight sorry but this site name is blubberBUSTERS not blubberGAINERS god....

Age 13, female, 5'6, 160.5 lbs - I am very thankful for my life!

Age 16, female, 6', 190 lbs - I feel fine about my life no matter what because God makes us this way for a reason. I don't feel overweight, but sometimes I feel like people look at you funny. I just don't care anymore.

Age 15, female, 5'6.5", 130 lbs - yeah....almost very satisfied

Age 12, male, 5'1", 548 lbs - i am so fat and have no friends cuz im so fat. i mean just look at how much i weigh!

Age 13, female, 5'4, 123 lbs - my life has its good times and its bad times,but thats life and so im satisfied wid my life cuz i no its normal cuz every1 goes thro it at 1 point.luv ♥мзΐşşΔ ♥

Age 12, female, 5 3, 160 lbs - i hate my life

Age 13, female, 5"3', 160 lbs - im fat

Age 14, male, 6'0", 230 lbs - People make fun of you, too.

Age 12, female, 5.3, 154 lbs - its okay

Age 15, female, 5'1, 180 lbs - i'm more satisfied with myself than my weight

Age 14, female, 5'4, 302 lbs - fatness right here

Age 17, female, 5'9, 134 lbs - im in between on my weigh

Age 20, female, 5'5'', 175 lbs - want to lose more weight, then i'll be satisfied! I've only lost 8 lbs in 3 wks

Age 14, male, 5'5, 438 lbs - im going slash my wrists if i dont lose weight

Age 10, female, 5'2, 219 lbs - im 219 pounds and is very misreble

Age 15, female, 5'6, 180 lbs - I am satisfied with life in general, there are just a few things i could improve, like my weight.

Age 20, female, 5'5, 146 lbs - I want to be thin again!

Age 15, female, 5'7, 170 lbs - I would love to be satisfied soon.

Age 16, female, 5'7, 296 lbs - Life would be better if I wasn't as big as I am. :-(

Age 14, female, 5'10, 180 lbs - ugg im so fat

Age 15, male, 5' 11'', 192 lbs - I LOVE FAT!!! I would be happier if i were fatter!

Age 12, female, 5'4, 172 lbs - I need a weight lose plan.

Age 16, male, 5'11, 200 lbs - i think my weight is perfect and i think anyone else who is should email me at

Age 13, female, 5 ft 3, 100 lbs - I am very satisfied with my life. I feel very proud of all the acomplishments I have made at this young age. I'm so excited about the future.

Age 14, female, 5'0, 467 lbs - I AM SO FAT! how can i be happy when i get teased everyday for being so fat and be called blubber girl everyday?

Age 16, female, 5'4, 180 lbs - I'm so proud of all the accomplishments i've made in a year and a half. I have no reason to be sad, i've come a long way. From 313 to 180, I think i'm doing pretty good! :-)

Age 10, female, 5''0, 150 lbs - i really want to lose weight and fast

Age 12, male, 5"2, 210 lbs - I'm fat and that's the way I like It!

Age 13, female, 5'3 1/2, 193 lbs - my life is okay it just the way i looked makes brings me down. i wish i was slim like my sister. it not fiar my sister eats more than i do! and she deos'nt excerise...i dont get it.

Age 12, female, 5'7, 200 or more lbs - i hate my lif cause no one wants to be my friends and also my parents hate me too

Age 12, female, 160, 156 lbs - im ok but id rather be slimmer

Age 13, female, 5*6, 196 lbs - I have a great family, everything is great, except for my weight which I am really trying to loose.

Age 13, female, 5'6, 120 lbs - well,my friends say im pretty skinny for my hight ..wich is alot taller than allof them...people think im 16 wen im only 13!!!!

Age 12, female, 12, 12 lbs - sdjashdjk

Age 14, male, 6'1, 243 lbs - i guess my life is weight doesn't bug me at least, i dont really like school but who pretty satisfied i guess

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