What do you think about the "Supersize Me" movie?
movie sould not have been made the guy was putting his life at risk

I think that it is not only Mcdonalds whut bout burger king and wendy and arbies and all the other fast food places so but it is kinda good for that to be good that it says some of that to make people aware at whut can happen.

its a god given right to eat what ever the hell you want when you want

I LOVE MCDONALDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THats exactly why I don't eat fast foods.

but i still think people should use their own discresion

Well I chose number two, "The movie proves a point. McDonald's should not sell unhealthy or supersize food." But I really only agree with half of that...I think it proves a point, but that doesn't mean McDonald's should stop selling that food. We have the choice of whether we want to go there or not!!! *Ray*Ray*

I don't believe McDonald's should get all the blame, this guy should have not done this, all other fast food is just as bad!

He sould be more careful and he should know that eating fast foods give you eating problems which you keep gaing weight.

He gains 26 pounds, skyrockets his cholesterol, and nearly ruins his kidneys. <--That says it all..You shouldn't eat McDonalds food if you are over weight! I know its hard but what are you going to do?

but yea no one does eat that much stuff. it sounds like a boring movie too


it's the persons fault... how can they think that they're not going to gain weight eating hamburgers and french fries?? they know the risks..

It's a good idea, more people should be aware of the disasterous effects of fast food. It is disgusting and utterly vile.

It shows you just what Mcdonalds can actually do to your body and makes you think twice before going supersize it basically makes you look at your health and stop supersizing and maybe help lose weight in the process.

no offence to americans but they have alot more fast food places than canadians do. I read today that Americans have 669 different food chain sources (ie. wendys sonic mc donalds) while canadians only have 127. also 40% of american teenagers are overweight while only 15% of Canadians are, Im not trying to doubt americans. This is just a fact!

okay can someone tell me just how some of tha boys in here can be weighing 400 pounds or more by the age of 13? wow im down from 230 pounds and i thought i was huge !!

Im a tad over weight and the movie makes me feel worse

McDonalds doesnt force people to eat at their restaurant. Obese people are just looking for someone to blame, when really it is just their lack of self control that is making them disgustingly fat.

its actually not a bad idea.. itll teach us a little somthin

i watched this movie..i think it prooves its point and it shows people just what it can do to you

I am overweight, basically because I eat out alot and also late at night. I dont blame te fast food joins though, because i know before i eat there how fatty their things are, and i stil suersize it. I feel that people shouldnt sue a company because they cant control their cravings.


I saw this movie actually and I loved it! It makes an excellent point and people NEED to see it! It had a great impact on me!

who the heck eats that much mc donalds other than a dumb guy trying to make a point and kill himself. everyone who eats there knows its not good for them thats why you only eat it once in a while!

I found that movie very distrbing. I don't think I would ever do that. I couldn't! when ever I go to Mc donalds witch is like 2-3 times a month I have a veggie burger, water or frutopia and small fries. I don't eat the fries alot though cus they cook them in Animal fat and I am vegitarian and trying to go vegan. I think that everyone should try a vegitarian/vegan diet for a while to lose some weight. it's worked for me. I've been a vegitarian for 4 months and I weigh 157 now and I weighed 179 before. but Ihavn't been trying to lose the weight. I've just been doing it for the animals! well, ttyl. byeers.-Tiff

the problem with McDonalds is that it's so cheap and often the only choice for many people who r poor !!!! it's not McDonalds' fault only it's the people who eat there too !!!!!!

i agree with it totally maybe one day mc donalds will think about how their food affects the people who eat it

i think that if people have that big of a problem with this movie then they shouldn't watch its there life not other peoples to live

No one will watch the movie. It is just a wast of film, and besides no one eats that much mcdolands. I may be over weight (duh why would i be on in this website) but that sounds like a horrabile movie

I eat at Mcdonalds most days

I really do think that the movie proves a point. It gives people a reason not to eat there. Although I'm not sure if the movie is trying to do that.

this is dumb I love micky d's

I think that this is a stupid movie but it is true because, people eat to much fast food and how fast food is not good for your body.

I want to see this movie it does prove a point. Fast food is not good!

I'm not quite sure what I think of this movie. I don't think it matters what kinds of foods the place sells, it's what choices that people are making when they eat there & particularly how often they eat there. The movie seems to be more for entertainment purposes anyway.

This can make people feel bad!

I think everyone has a freedom to express how they feel about a certain topic. He did through a movie and that is it great.

If all fast food places sold heathier food, then maybe people wouldn't be AS fat...

mcdonalds has great food...but would you rather have a small frie and a small body or supersize frie and a supersize body?

I have not eaten at Mcdonald's for, like a year and I'm never eating there again. There food sucks anyway.

if they lose the supersize then people will get 2 largies so they will double there fat

that guy was stupid to eat all fast foods

Mcdonalds should not just be pin pointed. I mean all the fast food giants out there sell nothing but unhealthy food. And I think mcdonalds is doning good by having there go active happy meaal. But they should warn you about what they are serving.

This movie is unrealistic but proves a piont about eating healthy.

i think the guy in the movie is very sexi so its kinda sad cuz he gets fat

I believe it is unhealthy to eat fast food, of any kind, for all three meals of the day. The general public should understand that most fast food is high in fat, sugar, and sodium. However, it is not the fast food chains fault for people being overweight, you make your own decisions to eat there.

Great movie, made me wanna never eat mcdonalds again

i think kids should exercise more and eat healthy

I think it is true but outrageously stupid and the company who owns this may get sewed

They whould warn people how high in fat they are...

"Super-size Me" should be a real wake-up call for those who do eat an unheathly amount of fast food. It shouldnt only be just fast food people need to be aware of, but also everyday food. The only reason they single out McDonalds in the documentary is because McDonalds is the leading fast food restraunt America like to go to. People who do see "Super-size Me" should consider the effects of eating out at any fast food restraunt.

come estas asi-asi ciinco por favor sientete reapte ? no? si?

his looser why is he risking his life ujust to show peole fat food makes u look fat, even when they told him not to do it anymore he keeped on doinit

McDonalds is stupid cause it makes people fat, they should ban it forever!

i would love to eat all my food at mcdonalds because i would get realy fat

It really made me open my eyes. McDonald's, as well as any other fast food place, is NOT good for you in any way, and this guy proves it.

This movie would be a good point to help out as guide for kids and teens. To help them want to lose weight more.

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