Do you think overweight should be covered in school health classes?
Yea, it may embaress overweight kids, but it also teaches them about why they are overweight and how they can become a healthy weight!

I think that it will really help people out if it was taught on healthy eatin and excercise more people would want to be healthy and they me think it is fun and not as embarrased if othr peole do it to. well just my 2 cents.

I hate talking about being overweight because it just plain is embaressing. People stare at you and stuff. Ahhh! NO WAY!

I think so, it also helps kids who don't know that they're overweight relize that they are.

its embarassing whenever i watch a health video about how obesity is sweeping the nation. I mean here i am fat, listening to people saying i'm fat. it also gives skinny mean kids things to laugh at us about

everytime it cums up in health i feel like every1s lookin at me...

i would be humiliated

It's not fair to ignore the weight issue because some people, both fat people and not fat people, might really want to know about how to be healthy and stuff.

we have to do that and every1 looks at me and they make jokes and its reall embarrising

I used to be overweight and i remember how awful i felt when we talked about healthy food...the kids in my class would look at me like i was clearly one of the people who was eating all the "bad" foods. It was horrible and no one should have to go through that!

Focus needs to be towards being a healthy weight to prevention of disease states.

Maybe they should have it not as a requirement though. They could have it as a choice class.

i just lost a lot of weight

Yes, I think schools should. It shouldnt embarrass or humiliate overweight kids..but simply teach them what things to eat and when not to eat.

i think it is a good idea to teach about weight problems in school because it would help kids and let them know what being overweight can do.

i say none of the choice is above but i think that if kids want to kno anout being overweight that they should take it in to their own hands and find out that info them selves it shouldnt be the teaches responsibilty-i am skinney and not overweight and i think any one can be but you cant be a gluntant(or a pig) and eat ever thing in you house like for example if you wanna have a serving of carbs put it in to porportions like have a half a cup of cereal or pasta or whatever and even when it come to other food do the same thing.....and another thing drink water with all of your meals even breakfast bc store bought orange juice each year causes you to gain 10 lbs. so you do the math!and DO NOT EAT ANY FAST FOOD (including subway!!)i hope you take my advice-and good luck with the weight lost!

yes, it would be good

i hate talking about it during class because when we do start talking about be overweight and over eating, everyone turns around stares at me. i hate it

i really think you shouldn't. students now days like to tease about anything

Fat kids get enough abuse without our health classes showing those durn films on obesity;i mean we're already fat why give the slim mean kids more ammunition to use against us....

i would die if that happend!

I'me 320 and age 14, so its hard to listen to that, although alot of kids in my school are obese(and when i say alot, i mean almost all). I'm probably the fattest and I HATE it

I think kids should learn how to get to a healthy weight.

I chose yes because, even IF it does embarrass you (knowing from experience), it is still a very important issue that kids should know about.

Even though it sometimes embarrases me when anybody talks about there weight...i believe that it should b tought in health classes so nobody else would b overweight too.

Though it can be humiliating, it is necessary.

I dont want other kids looking at me when the teacher is talking about it

A lot of kids never even grew up eating healthy so they don't know what right nutriton is. I am struggling with this now. If people have classes in their school teaching how to eat right and recognized obesity as an evergrowing issue, then a lot more kids would be able to fight it and not be ashamed of their hardships.

I seriously need to shred 30 pounds

this pol sucks

I am overweight and people tease me about it all the time, if we had a class about it then people would be like "ya, this class is for you!".

It shouldn't be a topic in school

If a child is over-weight and the teacher takes the child aside or uses the child as an example, the child might get more humiliated than needed.

Yes I think it should be taught in schools because there is starting to become an epidemic of young kids and obesity.

It should be coz its dangerous and people don't relise how things they shove into there mouths are so bad.

i think no because it does embarrassesb us!

So overweight people will have to know how to deal with stress and and stuff and for the non overweight people to know what it feels like to me called fat and names because you are fat and just are depressed all the time

just like other issues of violence or sex or whatever, it's important because overweight and obesity affects us all despite the fact that not all of us are overweight. By learning more about this, you learn how to support people who are overweight instead of making fun of them.

I think this is a great question. I was interested to answer it!

when im in my classes im usually one o the only "fat" kids and i feel like everyone is staring at me.

i dont think that this needs to be discussed in class beacuse its ones personal chiice if theyre fat or not, and its not up to the school, FAT RULES!


i feel that if i had been taught more about health and how to remain at a healthy weigth earlier on while i was in school i feel i would not have got to the weight i am now

i feel like i will be a target or teased in the classroom

Yes it should because not very many people or kids really know what the benifits are of not being over weight. A lot of over weight kids o not know what healthy eating and excirsing is. If it were more of a concern to the school like drug and acholal is than a lot less kids would be overweight.

that is sooooo wrong, i mean, all of the skinny good looking kids will makefun of all the fat people and embarress them

that would be wrong because letsay there was 3 overweight kids in the class who weighed 250pounds and every one else was like 90pounds how ebaressing would that be

I want to know about me

everytime a teacher brings overweight up... its so embarassing to me and my friend ana.. ana's fater but no one talks to her but me and acouple other ppl. but everyone talks to me.... and makes fun of me. not my friends, but if they hear it.. sometimes they laugh.

no cause, what about if there is a fat kid on that class, he will be emberrest, whenever they mention the wordfat, or say or say you should not be fat i think they'll laugh at the obese person, if you cover this class i'll drop out of school

i do not care if i am fat i like being fat

It should be taught in schools and have the kids and teens excrise and understand what would happen when they are overweight.

What an awesome way to explain this-now I know evrntyhieg!

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