What do you think about going to a weight loss camp, if you could afford it?
I weihg 210 pounds and i am 11 i am obese and hate it if i went to a weight loss camp i would lose weight there and put it all back and more when i got back home

I would go and keep it off because a weightloss camp could be whut I need to loose the weight that I want and If I can do that I wouldnt want to gain it back so I would keep the same habits I learned at Fat camp.


They won't give me the food I enjoy.

i wanna gain weight not lose it


i would go

i kinda like being fat

i could afford it just don't know of any around me.(not to sound concedid)

being fats sorta ok

Too Embarrassing

Wow! I wish i could go to a weight loss camp! I weigh more than my mom AND dad! they weigh around 200,less!

if money wasnt an issue and my parents let me i would love to go to weight loss camp, you we be with others in the same situation as you.

I dunno, I just don't like camps.

I believe that different bodies require different weightloss plans in order for them to be permanent. I don't think a weight loss camp would see to that.

I wouldn't because I would feel bad because I'm being treated like I'm a fat looser.

It wuld be great to see people that are like you

i just want lose about 30 -35 pounds

My name is Timmy and i think im overweight but everyone says im not...

I am going this summer! I am SO excited! This is exactly the jumpstart I needed!

im fine with my weight and i dont know why people make such a fuss about it, i love my vastness

I didn't need a fat camp to lose 180 pounds and be slim. I went from 11 years old and an immense 350 pounds,and am now 170 pounds and slim. I dieted and exercised; it's slow and hella hard but it worked and i know ill never be huge again

I want to have fun during summer .....swimming can help me lose weight and isnt embarrising


I would be too embarassed in front of my friends and i wouldnt want to be away from home

I would go to weight loss camp because it would be fun, and you get a little vacation where you don't gain weight.

hi I'm scared of Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so fat I'm over 800lbs

i wish i could go to a weight loss camp. But I don't think my parents would let me. My dad won't even let me do some diets because he doesn't think I need it...

I would rather join a gym. I just wouldn´t like to go to a weight loss camp.

I wold love it

I would feel too embarressed going to a weight loss camp, but I would consider it.

cause i dont need to even if i am 58 pounds overweight. ill just gain it back!!!!!!! duuuuuuh

i would atleast try to keep the weight off but at camp they have you running and playing all day and thats just not how it is at home

It would be so embarassing. What if I was the fattest there, or I couldn't do things that others could, that would mean I could even do what other fat people could do and would make me feel crap! ESPECIALLY if there were guys there!!!

I would only go if i knew someone else hu was goin b cuz im a verry shy person

i wanted to go but i cant cuz its for obese people and im not really that fat...(only a lil overweight) so they wouldnt accept me or sumthing like that ive been told

I don't need it that bad

No definetaly not! We should be able to help ourselves!!!!! We dont go to a camp everytime we want to lose weight

I don't feel a weight loss camp would be necessary for me!

Because it would be embarrassing if you were he biggest.

because i love fat

I'm Embarresed to be at a weight lose camp when im barely fat and other kids pick on me and my mom won't stop bugging me about it.

is there really a wight loss camp?if so post the name up on the board.and yes i would go to camp and lose all the weight and keep it off by exersizeing and drinking alot of water and eating alot less junk food and a lot more foods that are healthy for me


its stuipid

i think it weight loss camp is a great idea, although it would be kind of embarrasing if i could go with a friend i would really enjoy it.

because im confindanet if i was over weight i would be ale to loose it myself

I would be embarressed

but thats an american thing! we don't have them in the UK! Would have to be far from home so you could have some discretion in what you're doing.

I Have been to one and it has really paid off. I go to one at least every summer. They are really fun. It is just like a regular camp. Except you loose weight. I was so happy. I was at the camp for three months. Now i am old enough to be a canslour. I was one and i loved seeing how happy the kids got when they saw they were loosing weigt and having fun at the same time.

at least i'd hope to keep the weight off.Anyway if the weight loss camps were cheaper i could afford to go to one. oh well.

i yhink it's a good idea, and it sounds like fun too, i'm going to scine up for it next summer, and lose weight, and be healthy for the first time in my life


i would go, but i would tell me dad NOT TO TELL ANYONE IM GOING... itl be so embarssing... like, tell them i went to calif. or something.+ i would want my friend cheyenne to go w/ moi. ttl. she would.

Even though I'm over weight Im active and fast. I would love to have more chances to exercize.

I would love to go, but its expensive and my mom already doesn't think I need to lose weight.

it will embarrase me and i will gain it back and alot more

because I would be too ebarassed

it is great i can meet new people and nobody is gonna laugh at me cause i'm nat ganna be the fat kid. i think is gonna be fun because i need to leave home for a while, i haven't been out for six years i usually go home, sholl, and church, and then home,school and home again, and is boring. with a camp i think i'll have lots of experiences, and learn alot of things, and will keep my mind of food, because i eat when i'm bored.

if i could afford it.................... ;-(

i want to be realy fat,so i do not want to lose weight

Because I like being fat and eating lots

I would keep the weight off and excrise more and eat healthier and I would be a brand new me. And that would be good for my older sister to lose weight. I would like it a lot I would feel a lot better when I got back home. I would like the kids there my age. It would be cool.

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